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Bangla Cinema - Review of "Tasher Ghawr" - An engaging story told by an efficient narrator - Bangla Cinema

Review of “Tasher Ghawr” – An engaging story told by an efficient narrator

  • September 8, 2020
  • by Mukesh Jha

Director – Sudipto Roy

Cast – Swastika Mukherjee

Director Sudipto Roy is a film maker who never hesitates to attempt unconventional subjects. He has already proved that in a movie like Kia And Cosmos. With his latest movie Tasher Ghawr he has moved one step ahead in terms of taking risk. The film is very much experimental in its template where a protagonist is telling her own story directly to the audience breaking the fourth wall for the whole running time of around 47 minutes. This is quite unique concept for Bengali movies and the running time of the film is also unusual. To be fair there would have been very few takers for a such an unconventional movie in theaters. Thanks to the growing interest of audiences in the OTT platforms such unconventional yet interesting movies have get a fair opportunity which is a good sign for both the makers and viewers of good quality cinema.

Tasher Ghawr tells the story of a middle class housewife Sujata Sengupta (Swastika Mukherjee) during the period of lockdown. The story begins on a lighter note focusing on the present day situation of Sujata, as the story progresses we get to know more about her past experiences. Life was not too kind on her ever but she is quite capable to handle it in her own way. The interesting thing about the story written by Sahana Dutta is that the protagonist Sujata is the narrator herself, so there is always a scope to doubt on its credibility. This ambiguity helps to develop the required mystery around the plot. Although after one point it becomes very predictable where the story is heading but by that time we are already invested in the story and okay to accept the predictable climax.

Movies are a visual story telling medium where actors enact a situation but this movie is different, it is more like an experience of listening to a story from someone who is only narrating the incidents. There are very minimal use of flashbacks. Effectiveness of such verbal story telling format depends a lot on the efficiency of the narrator. If the narrator knows the art of good story telling then it becomes very easy for the listener to connect with the story as they can visualize the whole situation in their own mind. One must say Swastika Mukherjee is the perfect fit as the story teller for this movie. There are situations where Sujata is saying something but she actually means something else in her mind and Swastika has wonderfully conveyed that with her brilliant expressions. There are very few scenes where Sujata is actually crying but through her eyes one can feel her pain even when she is smiling, all credit goes to Swastika Mukherjee for that. She has portrayed this complex character with an ease.

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The film also gives a visually enriching experience thanks to the wonderful cinematography by Ayan Sil. The whole film has been shot inside a kitchen, a living room and a terrace garden but while watching the film it never looks monotonous. Amit-Ishan’s music is in complete sync with the mood of the film. The Rabindra Sangeet “Ei Akashe Amar Mukti” has been aptly used. Also one must give credit to the costume designer and production designer for giving both Sujata and her home an authentic look.

On a whole Tasher Ghawr is a good watch for the people who are open to experimental movies. In a very short duration it effectively unfolds an engaging story and gives us a protagonist with whom everyone will be able to connect to some extent.

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