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Bangla Cinema - Trailer of the movie "SOS Kolkata" - Bangla Cinema

Trailer of the movie “SOS Kolkata”

  • October 14, 2020
  • by Mukesh Jha

Among the dozens of movies that are releasing on this Durga Puja, the only action thriller is SOS Kolkata, directed by Anshuman Pratyush who has also written the story and screenplay for the film and co-produced it. It features Yash, Mimi Chakraborty and Nusrat in lead roles along with Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Shantilal Mukherjee, Rupa Bhattacharya and Ena Saha who is also the co-producer of the film.

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Recently the trailer of the film has been released. From the trailer it can be easily said that the story is very much inspired from the terrorist attacks of 26/11 in Mumbai only here the backdrop has been shifted to Kolkata.  The film was entirely shot during  the ongoing pandemic situation following the constrains of safety protocols. It must have been challenging for the entire unit to make an action thriller within those limitations and the whole unit deserve credit for that. Despite of that one can not overlook the shortcomings of the film that are very much prominent in the trailer itself. First of all the story idea and plot is too cliche. Although that can be ignored provided it has some solid action sequences but the trailer disappoints in that matter also. There is nothing new or exciting about the action sequences. Moreover actors like Nusrat or Shantilal Mukherjee are not looking convincing at all doing those action scenes. Also the visual effects are of very poor quality. Yash is looking okay in his part but he lacks the charisma as a leading man to carry off a film on his own shoulders.

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In recent past we have seen mainstream Bengali movies are not getting much attention from the audiences. In such a situation, it is less likely that SOS Kolkata will find its own set of audience among the crowd of so many movies.

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