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Bangla Cinema - Review of Rahasya Romancha Series (Season 2) - Worthy successor of the season 1 - Bangla Cinema

Review of Rahasya Romancha Series (Season 2) – Worthy successor of the season 1

  • March 26, 2020
  • by Mukesh Jha

Director – Abhirup Ghosh

Cast – Rudranil Ghosh, Kharaj Mukherjee, Saoli Chattopadhay, Rajdeep Gupta, Krishnendu Dewanji, Sourav Saha

Last year director Abhirup Ghosh had grabbed everyone’s attention with his crime thriller anthology Rawhoshyo Romancho Series. It was meant to be a feature film but later it was released directly on OTT platform Hoichoi. Getting inspired by the huge positive response for this series, this year the makers have returned with Rahasya Romancha Series (Season 2). It is always a pressure to make the second season considering the high expectations set by the first season but director Abhirup Ghosh has successfully handled the pressure and made it a worthy successor of the hugely popular season 1.

Season 1 had three different stories but Season 2 is a continuation of only the first story from season 1 named Jhontu Motors. It has total six episodes that can be divided in two parts. First three episodes are the prequel to Jhontu Motors which tells the origin story of Jhont Da (Rudranil Ghosh) and the other three episodes are the sequel of Jhontu Motors where we can see how Jhontu Da has expanded his crime business. Jhontu Motors is now a big organized criminal gang that not only deal with expensive cars and bikes, they are involved in robbery and murder too.

Among the three stories of the first season, Jhontu Motors was the only story which was not written by Abhirup Ghosh, it was inspired by a short story written by Indranil Sanyal. But in the second season the way Abhirup has added a fitting back story of the character that is commendable. The whole idea of a grooming center for criminals is quite interesting but the beginning of this part is not up to the mark. The first episode is too filmy and it looks like hugely influenced by Manmohan Desai movies from the 70’s. While watching the first episode one might get confused if it is really a thriller or someone has uploaded any episode of a melodramatic  daily soap by mistake. But the story starts picking up speed from the second episode and that continued in the third episode also. The origin story has been narrated in a non-linear format that jumps in between the flashbacks and present day situation of Jhontu. As it is meant to be the origin story it was completely okay to focus on the flashback story only, there was no need to show Jhontu as a family man. It adds no value to the whole series except for a burden of some below average acting performances by the supporting cast playing Jhontu’s family members. The last three episodes of the series that deals with the present day activities of Jhontu Motors is more gripping as a thriller.The fourth and fifth episodes are the best ones with many unpredictable twists. The final episode is also engaging although it suffers from some poor action design.

Although some of the supporting cast was disappointing but the lead cast is in solid form. Compared to season 1, this time Rudranil Ghosh’s character is much more layered and he has played it really well.The transition of the character from a naive aspiring criminal to a pro in the business has been captured very well by the actor. Only his acting in the opening scene of first episode looks over the top for some reasons better known to the actor and the director. Casting of Kharaj Mukherjee is quite surprising as the mentor of the criminals. With his sheer talent he has proved that casting him in this character was not wrong choice. He has played two different ages of the character, separated by a gap of around twenty years. In both the parts he has changed his body language perfectly to match the screen age of the character. Also he has been helped very well by the make up artists who has created two completely different and authentic looks for the character. Rajdeep Gupta who is mostly seen doing comedy, has done an impressive work in a very different character. Saoli Chattopadhyay is the best discovery of this series. Earlier also she has done some work in movies and web content but this will work as a breakthrough performance for her. Also kudos to Abhirup Ghosh for writing such a brilliant character for her. In short appearances Krishnendu Dewanji and Sourav Saha have made their presence felt.

Being the second season obviously it will be compared with the first one. The story of the second season is equally engaging in comparison to season 1, but it lags behind to produce raw talents in cast and crew. We expect better discoveries from Abhirup Ghosh as he has presented many unknown talents in his earlier movies. Despite of that Rahasya Romancha Series – Season 2 is a good watch for its gripping story and wonderful performances by the lead cast. By now Abhirup Ghosh has proved it that he does a tremendous work with thrillers in both the roles, as a writer as well as a director. It wont be bad idea to expect some more exciting thrillers from him in future. May be next time he can take forward the other popular story from season 1, Shokuni.

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