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Bangla Cinema - Review of Rahasya Romancha Series - Season 3 - Bangla Cinema

Review of Rahasya Romancha Series – Season 3

  • December 9, 2020
  • by Mukesh Jha

Web Series – Rahasya Romancha Series

Director – Abhirup Ghosh

Cast – Kanchan Mallick, Saurav Das , Saayoni Ghosh, Saoli Chattopadhyay

Rahasya Romancha Series, written and directed by Abhirup Ghosh, is undoubtedly one of the most popular Bengali thriller web series and it deserves this kind of love and appreciation from the audiences. After the success of its first two seasons, Hoichoi has released the third season recently. The third season is much more ambitious in terms of its concept. It combines an origin story of Kalo Nekre from season 2 along with a sequel to the story of Shokuni from season 1. These two stories has been connected by a common link that is the new added character of Mora, a private investigator with an unique disorder called Cotard syndrome where a person thinks he is dead already. On paper it was a mind blowing idea to combine all these elements together and creating a universe of these strange characters but the final outcome is not as thrilling as expected. It completely failed to match the expectations set by the first two seasons.

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The biggest strength of this series is always its clever writing that keeps audience engaged and thrilled throughout but in the third season that clever writing is missing for most of the part. Once again it has six episodes which is divided in three parts. The first two and half episodes tells the origin story of Kalo Nekre which is the weakest part of the whole series. It ends with an unpredictable twist which is interesting but it is tough to survive till that point specially after the cliche TV serial style family drama and a forced sexual angle in the first episode. The second story begins towards the end of episode three and continues till episode four. It is about Mora’s interaction with Trilok Chakra Samity that deals with a closed room murder mystery. This murder investigation story had lot of potential but it fails to utilize that completely because of its hurried pace. In an episode of around 25 minutes it gives four probable causes of the murder which gives too less time to the audience to get involved with any of these theories. Still it is better compared to the first story. The series comes back on track in the final story which is the continuation of the story Shokuni from season 1. These two episodes are interesting although the final reveal at the end of this story is too illogical but logic can take a backseat as long as it appears exciting, specially in this genre.

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Director Abhirup Ghosh definitely deserves credit for making pulp thriller popular in Bengali web series scenario, going against the trends. But in this season his writing has suffered a lot may be because of the pressure of delivering the next season in a hurry. Hoichoi should understand writing is the biggest strength of any web series and they must give enough time to the creators to come up with equally interesting content in the next season. There is absolutely no need to release one after another seasons in such quick succession just to en-cash the popularity.

Among the actors, both Kanchan Mallick and Saayoni Ghosh have done a superb job reprising the same characters from season 1. It feels good to see someone is utilizing Kanchan Mallick’s potential as an actor without typecasting him as a comic relief only. He has done full justice to his character adding a swagger to the character of a gambler who is not ready to loose at any point. Saayoni Ghosh has perfectly created the mysterious aura required for her character. Saoli Chattopadhyay who has surprised everyone in a brief appearance in season 2, has failed to impress this time despite of a longer screen time. Although it is not her fault but the writing has let her down. Her character is very one note without much layers. The new addition in this season Saurav Das has done a very good job. He has proved his versatility as an actor in some of his recent works in web platform. Mora is definitely one of his finest works. He has infused the Cotard syndrome disorder very well in his dialogue delivery and body language. Also his good comic timing has provided some of the best comic moments of the series. Most of the supporting cast has failed to match the excellence of the lead cast except for the actor who has played the Jailer in the third story. The technical team has done a decent work expect for the action coordinators. The action scenes are not up to the mark. Also the background score is too loud and irritating at some points.

On a whole the third season of Rahasya Romancha Series is not up to the mark as per the standard set by the first two seasons. It will work mostly for the brand value that the series has already created so far but to make it work in future the creators have to focus more on its writing and other technical aspects. Budget can never be a constraint for Abhirup Ghosh as he has made more engaging shows earlier in a tighter budget, all he need to pay more attention on his writing. The third season has ended on an interesting note, hopefully director Abhirup Ghosh will bounce back in the next season.

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