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Bangla Cinema - Review of "Password" - A good idea lost in an unnecessary complex narration - Bangla Cinema

Review of “Password” – A good idea lost in an unnecessary complex narration

  • October 23, 2019
  • by Mukesh Jha

Director – Kamaleshwar Mukherjee

Cast – Dev, Parambrata Chatterjee , Paoli Dam , Rukmini Maitra , Adrit Roy

As a producer Dev has always tried to do a matchmaking of good content with mainstream movie format and his latest film Password has continued that trend. The film had a lot of potential with a refreshing subject and good quality production values but all the good efforts by the talented cast and crew has been spoiled completely by an unnecessary complex screenplay.

The film talks about a big international organization Onion that is dealing with dark web which is lead by Ismylov (Parambrata Chatterjee) and Mariyam (Paoli Dam). They are targeting Indian market as it is one of the biggest base of internet users in the whole world. In fact Indian national security sites are also not safe from their eyes. To prevent them Govt Security Agencies has formed some anti cyber crime squads in different states. DCDD Rohit Dasgupta (Dev) is in charge of the squad in Bengal. He forms his own team with ethical hackers that includes Nisha (Rukmini Maitra) and Adi (Adrit Roy) who once used to work for Onion.

The film has tried to focus on a very relevant topic of cyber crime, how we all are prone to personal security threat in our everyday life while using internet in different forms. The good thing about the subject is that every common man is associated with this but the bad thing is the way the film has been narrated it never allows a common man to feel connected with it. The film begins with a realistic scenario where we see how a wannabe model get shot nude by some cyber criminal and it causes a big trouble for her. This is one scenario with which a layman can connect easily but sadly the scenario is not connected by any means with the rest of the film and also we never see any such simple understandable demonstration of cyber crime in the rest of the film. The biggest problem with the screenplay written by Rana Mukherjee is that it tries to present itself much more smarter than it actually is. The screenplay is unnecessary complex along with many irrelevant sub plots. The anti-hero has been established as a kingpin of the world of dark web but how they function and what is their motive that has been never clarified. Also the big plan they tried to execute in the climax has nothing to do with their activities as cyber criminals. The way the anti-cyber crime cell has been presented that is very much cliche. A police officer who do not follow rules, he sets his own team that includes persons with criminal background,  in the five member team only two main actors get chance to execute everything rest are there just to fill the frame, there is big hide out of the team where we can see giant computer screen on the background wall that is showing random maps and CCTV footage; we have seen all these n number of times in movies and it is very tiring to see the same again.

Kamaleshwar Mukherjee is undoubtedly a good director but he is not suitable for such mainstream movie format. There is enough scope of masala but he has failed to use them to grab attention. He himself is not clear about his approach towards the narrative whether to keep it hard core masala entertainer or to make it appealing to a sensible audience.  The technical team is is in solid form though. Avik Mukhopadhyay’s cinematography has made the film visually stunning. Apart from an explosion scene in the climax, the VFX work is of good standard in the rest of the film. There is not much scope of action sequences but there is a good bullet fight sequence during a car chase scene in the climax. There are two songs and both the songs are good specially Trippy Lage. Savvy has done a good job as the composer but his background score is little heady. Rabiranjan Maitra’s editing could not help to stream line the scattered screenplay.

Among the actors it is Parambrata Chatterjee who has got the best written character with several layers. He has skillfully managed to portray all the emotions of his character. He looks convincing as the stylish anti-hero at the same time he has looked reliable as the helpless young guy fighting for justice in the flashback portions. Dev’s character is very much one note and his only brief was to look smart and alert  as a police officer who is dedicated to his work. He has managed to do that. Rukmini Maitra has once again proved her acting prowess in a complicated character that demands a lot of physical strain as well. She has looked flawless as the drug addict girl in the beginning portions specially in the song Trippy Lage. It is a big mystery why Paoli Dam has agreed to do such an insignificant character. Probably it was her commitment towards good friends or may be she wanted to send the message that she is open to mainstream commercial movies also. Her’s is a poorly written character who has no voice of her own. This character only exists so that the guy played by Parambrata can express his feelings. Adrit Roy has looked convincing as a cool hacker. He has been well cast in this character and he has performed well in his limited scope.

On a whole, Password was a big ambitious project where a lot of money has been invested in the making and it shows in the final outcome, but it fails to keep the audience invested in the film because of the poorly written screenplay. It feels bad to see how the earnest effort of an efficient cast and crew has been wasted in a confusing complex narration.

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