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Bangla Cinema - Review of "Mitin Mashi" - Simple yet engaging detective thriller - Bangla Cinema

Review of “Mitin Mashi” – Simple yet engaging detective thriller

  • October 13, 2019
  • by Mukesh Jha

Director – Arindam Sil

Cast – Koel Mallick, Vinay Pathak, Shubhrajit Dutta, June Malya, Riya Banik

Whenever director Arindam Sil has made a detective film, his movies do not remain just a whodunit crime thriller rather he skillfully adds some drama revolving around human emotions in those films. His latest film Mitin Mashi is also not an exception. It has wonderfully captured the emotional side of Mitin along with her skills as a detective to solve a crime.

The film is mainly based on Late Suchitra Bhattacharya’s story Hate Matro Tinte Din. An eight year old child Raunak who is the son of a rich Parsi businessman Rustamji Jariwala (Vinay Pathak) has been kidnapped from his school. Mitin aka Pragyaparamita Mukherjee (Koel Mallick) who is a homemaker cum private detective has been assigned to investigate the case by the parents of the kid. Padmanabha Dasgupta and Arindam Sil has wonderfully adopted the story to a simple yet engaging screenplay. There is not a single dull moment in the film. Just after a brief introduction of Mitin, the story jumps directly to the main plot. From there onward, it keeps the audience involved throughout the film during the course of Mitin’s investigation process. In between the investigation, it keeps showing the personal life of Mitin also like her interaction with her family and house help. It helps the audience to connect more with the character as well as it provides a refreshing break in between. Another good thing about the screenplay is that it never tries to prove a point that Mitin is a woman and being a detective she is doing something extra ordinary, rather it treats her as a sharp observant person irrespective of her gender.

As a director Arindam Sil has done a good job. His simple story telling easily connects with the audience. The technical team also is in good form. Special mention is deserved for Pt. Bickram Ghosh for the engaging background score and the two soulful songs. Also the car chase sequences and hand to hand combat sequences have been designed very well by Sunil Rodrigues. Editing by Sanglap Bhowmik is crisp for most of the part. Only it could have avoided the slow-motion  shots of the leading lady during the fight sequences it does not go well with simple narrative style of the rest of the movie.

Among the cast, Koel Mallick has dominated the film with her powerful performance in the title role. She has completely transformed herself to suit the character of Mitin Mashi. She has bring a subtlety in the character without being too loud asking for attention. She has not only worked on her expressions, rather has worked hard on her physical transformation as well. As a result, she has looked convincing enough in the action scenes. There is nothing new to tell about the acting abilities of Vinay Pathak. He is always good in his performance. Casting him in the film was definitely a good choice as he has played a non-Bengali businessman settled in Kolkata and the way he has talked in Bengali with a Hindi accent that has worked very well for the character. June Malya is very effective as the grieving mother of the kid. Unlike the Shabor movies here, Shubhrajit Dutta has nothing much to do but he has worked sincerely in his small part. Also one must mention the awesome cameo by the director himself, he is just brilliant in those two scenes.

On a whole Mitin Mashi has made an impressive debut on big screen thanks to the skillful team in the cast and crew. Wish to see more of her on big screen in future.

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