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Bangla Cinema - Review of "Kidnap" - Showreel to showcase the stardom of the leading man - Bangla Cinema

Review of “Kidnap” – Showreel to showcase the stardom of the leading man

  • June 9, 2019
  • by Mukesh Jha

Director – Raja Chanda

Cast – Dev, Rukmini Maitra, Chandan Sen, Prantik Banerjee

Overall Rating – 2.5/5

Kidnap directed by Raja Chanda talks about a very sensitive topic that is women trafficking and flesh trade spread all across the world but if you are expecting that the film will go in depth of this problem and handle it with much needed sincerity, then you are completely wrong. No matter what is the backdrop of the story is, its main target is to cater to the die hard fans of the leading man Dev and it has tried to en-cash his stardom in every possible way.

The story begins with a father played by Chandan Sen, whose young daughter is missing from Kolkata and later we came to know that she has been kidnapped and transported to Dubai. Meghna Chatterjee (Rukmini Maitra) is a journalist from Kolkata who is in Dubai to write a story about the missing girl and women traffic racket going on in Dubai. While covering this story she meets Dev (Dev) at a Pub where he is the lead singer. From very first meeting itself, Dev is in love with Meghna from head to toe and keeps trying hard to woo her whenever they meet. In the meantime the master minds behind the women trafficking racket comes to know about Meghna’s intentions and they try to kill her. Dev saves her life and as expected both of them fall in love. Just when they are about to settle down in their life together, Meghna gets kidnapped and now Dev’s only motive in life is to find her. This search goes on through a lot of blood bathed action sequences from the streets of Kolkata to the alleys of Bangkok and finally it ends to a much predictable climax.

There was much hype that this is not a remake and it is true, this is not a frame by frame remake but N K Salil’s story and screenplay has nothing fresh either. The story goes through a tried a tasted predictable path and many scenes gives a sense of deja vu. Only the twist before the climax has some potential, although it is not logical enough but it is much better compared to the twist in the climax which is predictable from miles away. The film is kind of divided in two different tracks in two halves. The first half only focus to build the romantic track between the leads and the second half shifts to hard core action in the name of Dev’s mission for searching Meghna. In spite of having a lead pair who shares a very good chemistry the first half fails to impress with its romantic track because of the poor writing. There is not a single scene which will provide any freshness. Moreover there are three almost back to back songs in the first half just to emphasize that they are in love. If that is not enough they have kept one more romantic track which comes in most odd situation in the second half. Except for the first song in the pub none of the songs serves any purpose. Jeet Gannguli’s composition is decent enough but the songs are so misplaced that it fails to impress. Moreover Baba Yadav’s choreography is too cliche specially in the song Oi Dakche Aakash.

The second half is comparatively faster with lots of well choreographed action sequences. One must give due credit to action director Rocky Rajesh and cinematographer Souvik Basu for making the action scenes look slick on screen. It is not like that we have never seen such action but still it is a treat for Dev fans who were waiting for a while to see Dev doing hard core action. The background music by Savvy is mass appealing but too loud and attention seeking at some points. Although subtlety is the least possible thing one can expect from this film. The sole purpose of Md Kalam’s editing is to present the leading man as the super hero. N K Salil who is known for writing mass appealing dialogues has failed to give any line that one can remember for a long time.

The film rests mostly on the broad shoulders of Dev and he has given his best effort to keep the audience invested in the not so engaging screenplay. He has tried to impress with his easy charm in the first half but he looks more confident in the second half where he has to do some serious stuff. He is good in the action sequences. He has worked hard to build a good physic that justifies the actions on the screen. Rukmini Maitra has already proved herself as a good actress and she has shined in the scenes which asks for some serious acting. For rest of the part she has nothing much to do other than looking glamorous and she barely needs to give any effort for that. Earlier also we have seen her doing song and dance but for the first time here she has been presented as a typical mainstream heroine who walks bare footed on sands holding the flying pallu of her saree with a pleasant smile on her face. She is not bad in that avatar, but we have enough glam dolls for that kind of roles so she better focus on performance oriented characters. Apart from the lead pair, there is nothing much to do for rest of the cast. Chandan Sen looks convincing as the hopeless father whose daughter is missing. TV actor Prantik Banerjee is effective as the bad guy. The lead antagonist is the worst choice as it needs someone better to match as the opponent of Dev.

On a whole Kidnap is targeted only for the die hard fans of Dev. One should not expect sincerity and authenticity from such mainstream films, one can ignore the logical loopholes also but only if it provides good enough entertainment, unfortunately Kidnap fails to provide that. There are not enough clap and whistle worthy moments which is a must for movies of this genre. It is true that Dev is a big star and he should continue doing mainstream commercial cinema also, but he surely deserves better movies than this one.

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