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Bangla Cinema - "Ja Kichu Korbe" song from the movie "Saheber Cutlet" - Bangla Cinema

“Ja Kichu Korbe” song from the movie “Saheber Cutlet”

  • October 19, 2020
  • by Mukesh Jha

Anjan Dutt’s upcoming film Saheber Cutlet which is scheduled for a Puja release is a musical food film. Here songs have been used as an alternate to dialogues to carry forward the narrative. We have got some idea about it from the trailer and the first song Khaowar Gaan. The idea has became much clear with the second song Ja Kichu Korbe that has been released recently.

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The song has been written by Anjan Dutt and composed by Neel Dutt. It is a comparatively longer song of around 8 minutes that captures varied emotions of several characters. Interesting thing is each actor has done playback for themselves. Being non professional singers everyone has done a decent job but one must give credit to Ambarish Bhattacharya and Kanchan Mullick for their  impressive singing skills. The song actually represents conversation between several characters and it shows in the variety of language used in the lyrics. Each character must have their own style of talking that reflects when their singing as well. Similarly the composition also shifts its tonality keeping sync with different emotions of different characters.

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The song Ja Kichu Korbe, provides a refreshing experience and we must give credit to the duo Anjan Dutt and Neel Dutt for attempting such an experiment with this musical.

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