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Bangla Cinema - Review of "Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti" - Only good intention does not make a good movie - Bangla Cinema

Review of “Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti” – Only good intention does not make a good movie

  • March 19, 2020
  • by Mukesh Jha

Director – Aritra Mukherjee

Cast – Ritabhari Chakraborty, Soham Majumdar, Soma Chakraborty, Manasi Sinha, Shubhashis Mukherjee

Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti produced by Windows Productions has a very good intention to raise awareness about gender discrimination in our society as an aftermath of deeply rooted patriarchy. But only a good intention is not sufficient enough to make a good film. It needs good writing to convey the message and decent acting to transform that writing ably on screen. Unfortunately Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti lacks both. It suffers from poor writing and over the top acting that can give competition to any daily soap.

The story is about a young girl Shabari (Ritabhari Chakraborty). She is a Sanskrit professor in college and also a professional priest. She is well educated girl who is not a blind follower of man made religious rituals made by some opportunist priests rather she follows religious practices that are supported by the sacred books. This girl gets married to Bikramaditya (Soham Majumdar) who belongs to a very orthodox family dominated by his mother (Soma Chakraborty). Shabari understand that her husband’s family will never support her progressive thoughts so she choose to hide her identity as a priest. But as anyone can predict it eventually gets disclosed to the family members. What will happen next and how the story will end for that you can watch the film or you can just make a guess and it is unlikely to go wrong with such a predictable story.

Journalist turned screenplay writer Zinia Sen had came up with a very refreshing concept. So far we have heard about few female priests but never seen their struggle on any film. This idea had a lot of potential but sadly she choose to channel this interesting concept through a tried and tested melodramatic format which is too loud and preachy. The plot twists are forced and sometime very unconvincing. The film tries to address so many things, like gender inequality, flawed religious rituals, social taboo about menstruation but it fails to combine all these topics into one gripping screenplay, it is scattered all over. There are few dramatic but engaging moments like the competition between Shabari and the local priest, but sadly those are very few. The characters are also far from reality either they are too bad or too good which makes them absolute caricature.

Subtlety is the least expected thing from any movies produced by Windows Productions, but even in the melodramatic space one can make an entertaining movie. Director duo Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy have done that in many of their movies. Debutante director Aritra Mukherjee has tried to blindly follow them and no need to say he has failed measurably.

In some movies even a mediocre writing is compensated with decent performances but that is not applicable for this film. Except for the leading lady Ritabhari Chakraborty, everyone else has given over the top performances that is at par with the performances of TV serials. Ritabhari Chakraborty has given a decent performance. Although her character has been written on surface level only with no emotional depth but she has tried her best to make it look convincing enough. Soham Majumdar has been wasted completely. The director and the writer must understand the difference between innocent and stupid. He has been instructed to act like a stupid to present the character as a humble guy. Soma Chakraborty, Manasi Sinha and Shubhashis Mukherjee have given tough competition to each other in hamming.

Overall Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti is a failed attempt by debutante director Aritra Mukherjee to repeat the successful formula of his mentors Shiboprasad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy. The film will be liked by only that particular section of audience who enjoy watching daily soaps on television others can happily stay away from it.

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