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Bangla Cinema - Review of "Bornoporichoy" - An over simplified Cop vs Serial Killer thriller - Bangla Cinema

Review of “Bornoporichoy” – An over simplified Cop vs Serial Killer thriller

  • August 4, 2019
  • by Mukesh Jha

Director – Mainak Bhaumik

Cast – Abir Chatterjee, Jisshu Sengupta, Priyanka Sarkar, Sudip Mukherjee

Bornoporichoy, directed Mainak Bhaumik is a cop vs serial killer thriller that follows the rules of the genre to the tee. It has all the required elements for a thriller of this genre, a psycho serial killer who loves to challenge the cops by giving clues, a super intelligent cop who can solve the clues easily, a pattern that connects all the crimes, verbal challenge exchanged between the cop and the killer, a big revelation about the motive of the killer all are there but still it fails to engage because of the over simplified treatment to the subject and more than needed explanations.

The story is about a serial killer Arko (Abir Chatterjee) and a cop Dhananjoy (Jisshu Sengupta). Arko is a cold blooded murderer who kills his victims and keeps some clues at the crime scene about the next murder. His murders are related with the concept of five elements of nature which is somehow connected with his motive behind the crimes. Dhananjoy is an intelligent cop who is very efficient in solving serial killer mysteries. But Arko’s case is one unfinished job in his career which had hugely affected his personal and professional life and turned him into an alcoholic lonely man without any motive in life. The story begins when Arko comes back to commit crimes after a gap of two years and to challenge Dhananjoy to catch him. Initially Dhanajoy is reluctant to take this challenge but later he realizes that this is the only way for him to redeem himself and his lost family, so he accepts the challenge. From there the cat and mouse chase begins between the two which goes through some tried and tasted paths to a predictable climax.

Several movies have been made in this concept so there is hardly any freshness in the story idea but still some of the movies of this genre works because of engaging screenplay, where audience get involved in the investigation process. Unfortunately that capacity to involve the audience is missing here. Good amount of research has been done to create the clues that covers the glorious history of Kolkata but the way the clues have been used is disappointing. Here the items used as clues are left by the criminal as it has been kept on a display of a showroom and the cop decodes the meaning from the clues within a minute without giving any time to the audience to think about it. It has tried to show how the cop and killer’s thinking is in sync but the cop cracks all the clues so easily and quickly that it starts looking unconvincing. Another weak point about the screenplay is its attempt to over explain everything to its audience. Mainak Bhaumik should understand audience are not that dumb that they need explanation of every single detail that too repetitively. There is an unnecessary subplot too revolving around the personal problems of the cop Dhananjoy that has diversified the main focus of the story. Finally when the big revelation comes everyone will be surprised how such an intelligent police officer can miss such an obvious point for so long.

Despite of these shortcomings in the screenplay the film works too some extent for the wonderful performances of the two leading men. Both Abir and Jisshu have done superb job in their characters, they have complemented each other very well. Abir has more meatier role compared to Jisshu and he has done full justice to a grey character. It is a refreshing change to see him doing a negative character on screen. In such stories mostly the negative character over shadows its opponent but here Jisshu Sengupta has made his presence felt in every frame with his solid acting abilities. There is hardly any scope for any other actor in the script. Priyanaka Sarkar is doing the same thing what she does in  most of her recent movies. She has played an extended cameo. She was more visible during promotion activities than the film.

The technical team has also helped to fill the gaps in the screenplay. Ramyadip Saha’s camerawork is very nice. Indraadip Das Gupta’s background score that has added the required thrill. Action co-ordinator Sunil Rodrigues has done a good job. There is a wonderfully shot chase sequence, also the fire stunts have been performed quite well. Anupam Roy’s songs are good specially the one used in opening and end credits. But the third song Bishonno Chimney could have been easily avoided, it has only added extra length to the film without adding anything important to the story.

On a whole Bornoporichoy had the potential to be something extraordinary with two most sought after actors in lead but director Mainak Bhaumik missed the chance with his not so impressive script. It lacks the required thrill and  fails to meet the expectations still the fans of the two leading actors can give it a try.

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