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Bangla Cinema - Round Up 2019 – Best performances by Male actors in Bengali cinema in 2019 - Bangla Cinema

Round Up 2019 – Best performances by Male actors in Bengali cinema in 2019

  • December 31, 2019
  • by Mukesh Jha

2019 has just ended and it is the time to look back and acknowledge the excellence in the year. In this year we saw more content driven Bengali movies which provided more scope to the actors than so called stars. There were plenty of remarkable performances by the male actors, here comes the list of best performances among them.

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1. Kaushik Ganguly (Bijoya, Kedara) – Besides being an excellent director behind the camera Kaushik Ganguly is equally brilliant actor also. Mostly we see him playing supporting characters in his own movies but in 2019, he was featured as the leading man in three movies Bijoya, Shankar Mudi and Kedara. In Bijoya he returned as the much loved character Ganesh Mondal. It is such a complex character who is neither absolutely lovable nor one can totally hate him. Kaushik Ganguly balanced this tricky character really well with his exceptional acting abilities. In Kedara he gave his career best performance as Narshingha. He beautifully captured the psyche of this lonely man. It was so natural and effective that it wont be exaggerating to say it is one the finest acts by any actor  in the history of Indian cinema. Probably no other actor would have looked this much convincing in this character.

Moreover in Shankar Mudi, he played the title role of a local grocery seller with much conviction.

2. Ritwick Chakraborty (Nagarkirtan, Vinci Da, Jyeshthoputro) –  It will not be wrong to say that year 2019 was like a Ritwick Chakraborty film festival, he had total 10 releases this year. As expected he was in good form in most of those films. Among those the best three performances were in Nagarkirtan, Vinci Da and Jyeshthoputro. Although Riddhi Sen bagged national award for Nagarkirtan but Ritwick Chakraborty was equally impressive in the character of Madhu who falls in love with a transgender male without being sure about his own sexual preferences. This character goes through a transformation about his feeling for a transgender and this transformation reflected very well through Ritwick’s expressions. In Vinci Da, Ritwick Chakraborty proved that he can never go wrong in his performance, even when he is playing the wrong guy he can convince the audience to be by his side. He played the grey character of Adi Bose in a very realistic way without making it unnecessary loud. It was calm and composed from outside but one can sense the turmoil inside his mind and all credit goes to the sheer brilliance of Ritwick Chakraborty. In Jyeshthoputro he played the parallel lead with Prosenjit Chatterjee for the first time playing his on screen younger brother. It was surely a challenging character but he sailed through this challenge with ease. Partho’s character had high probability to turn into a selfish negative character but he managed to restrain it from going to that direction and made it more practical.

Besides these three movies, he was also impressive in the movies Tarikh, Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo, Rajlokhi O Srikanto.

3. Prosenjit Chatterjee (Jyeshthoputro, Gumnaami) – Despite of being one of the biggest superstar of Bengali film industry of all time, Prosenjit Chatterjee still have the hunger for evolving as an actor. That shows in his  continuous experiment with new characters and he continued that in 2019 as well with three movies Jyeshthoputro, Gumnaami and Robibaar. In Jyeshthoputro, he well captured the aura of a super star who is more conscious about his star image than his personal grief. At the same time he showcased the vulnerability of the man who is guilty of not being responsible enough towards his close ones. In Gumnaami Prosenjit Chatterjee delivered one of his finest performance. The way he transformed himself into Netaji and Gumnaami Baba that is praise worthy. He efficiently changed his body language and dialogue delivery to suit both the characters perfectly.

Other than these two he was also excellent in a grey character in Robibaar.

4. Riddhi Sen (Nagarkirtan, Vinci Da) – In Nagarkirtan Riddhi Sen surprised everyone with his award winning performance. It never looked that he is acting rather he completely transformed himself in Puti. He never tried to act as female rather he just brought out the feminine side of a man effectively. In fact he did not try to mimic like a girl, but used his own voice in changed tone only. Not only as Puti but he also showed his brilliance as Parimal, in the flashback sequences. There was an emotional breakdown scene when his lover is getting married to someone else and he was just outstanding in that scene.

Also he stole the show in his extraordinary cameo in Vinci Da, it was one of the finest cameos of recent time which will be remembered for longer time.

5. Anirban Bhattacharya (Finally Bhalobasha, Bibaho Obhijaan, Gumnaami, Ghawre Bairey Aaj) –In In 2019, Anirban Bhattacharya showed a wide range of variety with six releases. He is one actor who can mould himself to any character with equal ease. In Finally Bhalobasha, he expressed the helplessness of a HIV positive patient wonderfully. Also as he was playing an aspiring actor so he got scope to perform some iconic scenes ranging from Bengali films to Bollywood to Hollywood and he acted wonderfully in those scenes. There was one particular scene where he imitated some popular actors with just expressions without saying any dialogues and he was commendable in that scene. In Bibaho Obhijaan he surprised everyone with his wonderful comic timing. Barring few TV assignments, it was his first experience with out an out comedy and he proved his versatility once again with his effortless comedy. In Gumnaami he played the character of Chandrachur Dhar which was modeled on two real life characters who are doing research on Netaji’s disappearance. He efficiently captured the emotions of a man desperately looking for justice. For most of the part in Ghawre Baairey Aaj, the character of Nikhilesh was shown in his late forties, still Aparna Sen relied on a much younger actor like Anirban Bhattacharya to play this character as she knows the potential of the actor. Anirban proved her right with his effortless acting in both young and mature version of the character.

Other than these movies he also draw attention in his small but effective appearances in Shah Jahan Regency and Vinci Da.

6. Parambrata Chatterjee (Shah Jahan Regency) – After taking a short break in 2018, Parambrata Chatterjee made a full fledged comeback to Bengali films in 2019 with four releases. The best among those was his portrayal of Rudra in the movie Shah Jahan Regency. He wonderfully depicted the journey of his character, from a naive intern to an well experienced employee. In one scene his character was compared with cockroach who can survive in any extreme situation. Being true to that, we saw this character shifting to different jobs in the prologue, then trying to adjust in the luxurious hotel and finally we saw him as a confident employee of the hotel who can easily change himself to match up with the makeover of the hotel. In each stage Parambrata looked convincing. His comic timing in the first half was delightful to watch.

Other than that, he also impressed as the iconic sleuth Byomkesh in Satyanweshi Byomkesh. He was also credible in the grey character in Password.

7. Shiboprosad Mukherjee (Konttho) – Besides being a capable director, Shiboprosad Mukherjee is an excellent actor too. He has proved it again and again. So far we had mostly seen him doing comedies but in Konttho he showed a completely different side of his acting talent. His performance was very much consistent throughout the transformation of his character from a happy successful person to a man in depression to a man who is struggling hard to make a comeback to finally emerging as a winner. This character demanded a wide range of emotions at different stages and he emoted perfectly in every situation. Playing this character was even more challenging as the dialogues were in esophageal voice for a major part of the film. It must had been challenging for him while dubbing for those lines as well. It can be easily said, it is his career best performance so far.

8. Saswata Chatterjee (Tarikh) – In Tarikh, Saswata Chatterjee made the idealistic character of Anirban, very much convincing with his natural acting.  He wonderfully portrayed the dilemma of the man who wants to be someone else but confined to a different life. He finds his escape from reality in social media, in travel, in books but at the same time he wants to fit himself in his real world too by being a responsible husband and father. All these complexities of the character was captured efficiently by Saswata Chatterjee.

Besides this he also grabbed attention in the multi starer Basu Poribaar.

9. Sayon Ghosh (Rajlokhi O Srikanto) – Sayon Ghosh is mostly popular for his funny acts on Radio, TV and movies. Anyone would have hardly think of casting him in an intense character, but thanks to director Pradipta Bhattacharyya for recognizing his potential and showing faith in him with the character of Indranath in Rajlokhi O Srikanto. Sayon Ghosh was a complete revelation in this character. His body language to accent everything was perfect as per his character of a guy grown up in a rural area. Looking forward to see more of him on big screen.

10. Abir Chatterjee (Bijoya, Shah Jahan Regency) – For a change, in 2019 Abir Chatterjee does not played Byomkesh rather he tried to experiment with different characters including a negative character as well. He had total five release this year but he was more effective in Bijoya and Shah Jahan Regency. In Bijoya he reprised the character of Nasir Ali from Bishorjon. Compared to Bishorjon there was a significant improvement in his performance in Bijoya. He made his presence felt in spite of the presence of two solid actors Kaushik Ganguly and Jaya Ahsan by his side. In Shah Jahan Regency Abir Chatterjee played a very risky character of Sameeran Bose which was modeled on the character of Sata Bose played by Uttam Kumar in the film Chowringhee. Comparisons with the legend was obvious but he ignored those comparisons and played the character with his own easy charm. He looked authentic in his part and acted well. For a change after a long time we saw him doing on screen romance also, surely it was an added attraction for his female fans.

Besides that he also charmed us as Shona da in Durgeshgorer Guptodhon.

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Besides these performances there were few other good performances by actors mostly in supporting characters which deserves a special mention.

Subhasish Mukherjee – Mahalaya
Jisshu Sengupta – Mahalaya, Mukhomukhi
Rudranil Ghosh – Vinci Da, Kedara
Paran Bandopadhyay – Ahaa Re

Suprobhat Das – Finally Bhalobasha
Anjan Dutt – Finally Bhalobasha, Satyanweshi Byomkesh
Chandan Roy Sanyal – Urojahaj

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