Trailer of the movie “Amazon Obhijaan”

Much awaited trailer of upcoming adventure thriller “Amazon Obhijaan” is here. Undoubtedly the trailer is of high standards. It is a sequel to “Chander Pahar” and it takes forward the journey of Shankar. This time he is on a trip to largest rainforest of world Amazon, in search of El Dorado.
The trailer shows this time the canvas is much bigger and better. It is quite clear it is made of big budget with great production values. Apart from Dev all the other actors are foreigner in the trailer, and most of the dialogues are in English which looks convincing. Also one can’t ignore the mesmerizing cinematography of Soumik Haldar, after “Yeti Obhijaan” he is in terrific form one more time.
This is one trailer which will make you eagerly waiting for its release. So wait till 22nd December to experience this movie on big screen, till then enjoy the trailer.

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