“Tor Neshate” song from the movie “Piya Re”

Here comes the second song Tor Neshate from upcoming love story Piya Re directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee. This is a romantic song about falling in love for the first time. Wonderfully written by Dipanshu Acharya and melodious composition by Jeet Ganguli. It has been sung by Bollywood fame Armaan Malik. There is an infectious melody about the song which stays in mind and lips after one listening only.
Apart from the melodious composition another good thing about the song is its realistic picturization. It has been picturized on the lead couple Soham and Srabanti. Soham has fallen in love with Srabanti and he is fantasizing her everywhere and this thought has been well captured in the choreography. The good thing is unlike most of the romantic song in mainstream movies the lead pair has not landed in foreign locations in fancy clothes in their dream sequence, rather it has been picturized in realistic location in regular look and clothes of the characters.

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