“Tomar Dyakha Naai” song from “Bolo Dugga Maiki”

This Durga Puja Raj Chakraborty is coming with a romantic comedy “Bolo Dugga Maiki” featuring Ankush and Nusrat in the lead roles.

After releasing two songs in the backdrop of Durga Puja here comes the third song “Tomar Dyakha Naai”. This has been composed by Arindom Chatterjee and sung by Arijit Singh and it features the leading man Ankush as a casanova playing around with lots of girls.

The first two songs of the film which has been released so far were very refreshing and have an originality in concept but this song is not up to the mark. Neither it is too good to hear nor the picturisation has something new to offer, the same concept of a playboy hero flirting with foreigner girls in night clubs. It looks like a introduction song of the hero and we have seen such introduction songs of the hero in many movies so far in fact we have seen Ankush in such similar songs in many of his recent films.

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