“Tapur Tupur” song from the movie “Rosogolla”

Here comes the first song Tapur Tupur from the upcoming movie Rosogolla directed by Pavel.

The film is based on the real story of Nabin Chandra Das the inventor of our favorite sweet Rosogolla. He had made this sweet by getting motivated by the love of his life Khirodamoni. The song Tapur Tupur features the budding romance of this young couple where Nabin has fallen in love from head to toe for the girl in neighborhood and he is dreaming only about her at every possible place. The song has been wonderfully written, composed and sung by very talented Arnab Dutta. This is his first significant venture in Bengali songs and he has done a brilliant work. The kind of musical instruments like the flute and dotara which has been used in the song that literally takes you to that era. It is one soothing composition and Arnab’s voice adds more to that magical experience. In the video we can see debutantes Ujaan Ganguly and Avantika as Nabin and Khirodamoni. Both of them are so natural with th,nneir expressions and there is a charming innocence in their face which makes this love story more cute.

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