“Shondhye Namar Aagey” song from “Bidaay Byomkesh”

Here comes the first song Shondhye Namar Aagey from upcoming thriller Bidaay Byomkesh. It is a film directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya where the story revolves around an aged Byomkesh. This time he is investigating a crime where his own son is the culprit.

The song Shondhye Namar Aagey has a soothing melody that draws attention from the first hearing. It has been composed and written by Saqi Banerjee and sung by Ishan Mitra. The video features the four lead characters among which two has been played by Abir Chatterjee as aged Byomkesh and his young grandson Satyaki, the other two characters have been played by Joy Sengupta and Bidipta Chakraborty. All the characters has been shown in tough situation where they are clueless about what should be their next step.

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