“Saiyo Re” song from the movie “Uronchondi”

Here comes the highly energetic song Saiyo Re from the upcoming road trip movie Uronchondi. This song features the three protagonists of the film played by Sudiptaa Chakraborty and debutantes Rajnandini Paul and Amartya Ray. The song appears towards the begining of the journey of the protagonists when they are yet to cut off totally from the past which they have left behind and also little uncertain about their future. But they are full of confidence and that indomitable spirit is celebrated in this energetic song.

After the melodious Mithi Mithi song, Debojyoti Mishra has came with yet another wonderful composition. Srijato’s hindi bengali mixed lyrics is very innovative and sound fresh. But what stands out most in the song is the powerful voice of Nikita Gandhi. Her dynamic voice does full justice with the spirit of the song. She has done such amazing variations in her voice that it sounds hard to believe that only one singer has done playback for this song.

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