“Rondhre Rondhre Paap” song from “Shah Jahan Regency”

Here comes the new song Rondhre Rondhre Paap from the movie “Shah Jahan Regency”.

This song has been written, composed and sung by Anupam Roy. The song is very peppy and fast paced. The music arrangements and singing style both are very different from regular Anupam Roy songs. This song was first released in 2015 in Anupam Roy’s non-film album Durbine Chokh Rakhbo Na and now Srijit Mukherji has find it suitable for his film so it has been included in the film as well.

For some people who are habituated with Anupam Roy’s signature style, the song may appear little surprising in the first listening. But that is common with everything new and unconventional. Otherwise it is a good opportunity to rediscover Anupam Roy in a different mode.

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