“Parate Majhraate” song from the movie “Prem Amar 2”

Here comes the new song Parate Majhraate from the movie Prem Amar 2, featuring Adrit Roy and Puja Cherry Roy in the lead.

This is one foot tapping party song composed by Savvy and written by Ritam Sen. The song opens like a regular party song with some rap done by Saptarshi but soon it catches rhythm with Tushar Joshi’s singing. Although the best part of the song is the traditional Bengali folk part sung by the female singer Kona. Savvy has wonderfully blended folk in a foot tapping fast paced dance number. This inclusion of folk has made this song special and different from regular party songs.

Although the composition of the song is quite refreshing but it’s picturization does not offer anything new. It is quite same like any other party songs. The dance steps are very repetitive. It could have been worked out in a better way.

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