“Monta Ahare” song from the movie “Ahare Mon”

Here is the first song Monta Ahare from upcoming love story Ahare Mon directed by Pratim D Gupta. This is a love song dedicated to all sort of romantic feelings. This song is very refreshing in terms of composition, lyrics and singing. The first thing one will notice in the song is the lyrics written by celebrated director Srijit Mukherji. Srijit writes lyrics very rarely and this is the first romantic song written by him for any film. His choice of words are amazing. He has used very unusual words still being true to the feelings which makes it sound different as well as impressive. Through the words one can create visuals in mind about the romantic feelings for their loved one. Giving life to the words is the very prominent and powerful voice of Durnibar Saha. This young talented man has a great voice. As he is not so regular to playback singing for Bengali movies so his voice sounds very fresh. Also one can’t neglect the lovely composition of Neel Dutt. It is one of his best compositions so far. His musical arrangements are quite different from his regular style and that suits the song very well.

The song was an instant hit before releasing the video. But the video also deserves a watch. It shows glimpses of the three lead couples, Anjan Dutt – Mamata Shankar, Adil Hussain – Paoli Dam, Ritwick Chakraborty – Parno Mittra.The charming chemistry between all the pairs can’t be overlooked. Also it features the new girl Chitrangada Chakraborty who is playing a girl madly in love with a superstar. Her craziness for her superstar has also been portrayed wonderfully in the song. The film will release on 22nd June, till then keep humming Monta Ahare.

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