“Lukochuri” song from the movie “Bolo Dugga Maiki”

Here comes the new song “Lukochuri” from upcoming romantic comedy “Bolo Dugga Maiki” directed by Raj Chakraborty produced by Shree Venkatesh Films and featuring Ankush and Nusrat as the lead pair.

This is situational fun song where the hero is looking for the leading lady and he is searching her through all probable places of the city with just a picture of her in his mobile. In this search he has been accompanied by two of his friends also. The whole searching process is too funny and creates more problem for the trio than giving any fruitful result. The lyrics written by Dipangshu Acharya describes the searching process in a funny way with taking reference from GPS,Mobile, WiFi and Google search. Arindom Chatterjee’s music also sets the mood right for this song. It has been sung by Nakash Aziz and his voice goes very well with this cheerful song.

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  • Angelina Banerjee says:

    The film is excellent and brings forth in the student of history a flavor hitherto unknown.Making use of local west Bengal locations and simple techniques the director makes an effort worthwhile and sincere.Worth watching.


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