“Hazar Bochor” song from the movie “Tritio Adhyay”

We had heard a small portion of this song in the trailer since then it had caught our attention, now here comes the full version of the song Hazar Bochor from the romantic thriller Tritio Adhyay directed by Manoj Michigan.

This is a romantic song written and composed by Arin who is making his musical debut with this film. It has been wonderfully sung by Papon and Meghna Mishra. Although Meghna’s Bengali diction has some issues but it has been well compensated by the extremely involved singing by Papon. The song begins with innocent budding romance of the young couple in love played by Sourav Das and Arunima. Later it takes more serious turn as the focus shifts to the emotional track of the separated lovers played by Abir Chatterjee and Paoli Dam.

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