“Esho Hey” song from the movie “Ek Je Chhilo Raja”

Here comes the first song Esho Hey from the movie Ek Je Chhilo Raja directed by Srijit Mukherji. It is a song influnced by Indian classical music based on raag Kedar. It has been wonderfully composed by Indraadip Das Gupta. Srijato has written the lyrics and his choice of words are in sync with the era. But the best thing about the song is the voice of Shreya Ghoshal and Ishan Mitra. The two have so much control over their singing that they have sung this rather difficult composition with ease. Shreya Ghoshal is an well established singer and her talent needs no introduction. But the way upcoming singer Ishan Mitra has supported her is commendable.

In the video of the song we can see the lavish lifestyle of the prince of Bhawal played by Jisshu Sengupta around whom the story is centered. Also the song shows glimpses of the important female characters in the life of the prince which includes his sister played by Jaya Ahsan, his wife played by Rajnandini Paul and the courtesean played by Sreenanda Shankar with whom the prince had an affair.

Esho Hey has a soothing composition that grows in mind more and more after every listening. So keep listening it in a loop and experience the magic of the song.

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