“Dugga Ma” song from the movie “Bolo Dugga Maiki”

Raj Chakrabrty is coming with his next film on this Puja which is a romantic comedy revolving around Durga Puja and aptly titled “Bolo Dugga Maiki”. For a movie which is named on Durga Ma, which has Durga Puja in its backdrop, a song dedicated to Durga Ma is a must. So here it is, the second song of the film “Dugga Ma”.

This song is quite different from the Durga Puja songs which we have heard so far in Bengali movies, it is a highly energetic full on dance number where music composer Arindom Chatterjee has made a fusion of conventional beats of Dhaak Dhol with techno beats. Both Ankush and Nusrat has given a solid energetic performance which is absolutely in sync with the energetic mood of the song. Also this song is special as it is the first Puja song sung by singer Arijit Singh.

So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to groove on the beats of “Dugga Ma” during this Puja.

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