“Chutche Jibon Uronchondi” song from “Uronchondi”

Here is yet another lovely song Chutche Jibon Uronchondi from the road movie Uronchondi. Just like the other two songs this one too has a folkish flavor from the western parts of Bengal. This time it sounds more like a folk song because of the music arrangements by composer Debojoyoti Mishra. As usual Srijato has written it exceptionally well. Iman Chakraborty has done full justice with the song and her voice texture goes really well with the mood of the song. Also the hook line from the Saiyo Re song has been used with chorus vocals in background which makes it more special.
In the video the Uronchondis Sudiptaa Chakraborty, Chitra Sen, Rajnandini Paul and Amartya Ray all are in total sync with the same energy as of the song.

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