Official Trailer of the movie “Vinci Da”

This April, Srijit Mukherji is coming with his next film Vinci Da, produced by Shree Venkatesh Films. After movies like Baishe Shrabon and Chatushkone it will be his third crime thriller. This will be a thriller revolving around a cool blooded serial killer played by Ritwick Chakraborty, a cop played by Anirban Bhattacharya and a prosthetic make-up artist played by Rudranil Ghosh. Cat and mouse chase game between a serial killer and a policeman is not a new thing for a thriller but adding an artist in between them has made this story more interesting.

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The much awaited trailer of the film is out now. As expected the trailer does not reveal much about the story. It just gives a basic introduction of the lead characters along with an interesting twist in the end. The trailer begins with the character of Rudranil Ghosh who is addressed as Vinci Da as he is big fan of Da Vinci. He is a prosthetic make-up artist who considers his work as an art and want to be taken seriously as an artist. He has a girlfriend with some stammering problem, played by Sohini Sarkar. Then we can see Ritwick Chakraborty, a lawyer by profession but a serial killer as well. He collaborates with Vinci Da to use his art to murder people. We also get introduced with a tough cop played by Anirban Bhattacharya who is desperately looking for the serial killer. Finally comes the biggest surprise of the trailer towards the end where we can see Riddhi Sen in a spine chilling sequence, one can watch the trailer again and again for the sheer brilliance of that scene.

There is already sky-high expectation from  this film because of director Srijit Mukherji and the excellent lead cast. On top of that,this amazing trailer has taken that expectation to one step higher for sure.

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