Official Trailer of the movie “Uronchondi”

Here is the hard hitting trailer of the upcoming road trip movie Uronchondi produced by nideas creations and directed by debutante director Abhishek Saha. This is the story of three women of different ages who all are victims of male dominated society and trying to run away from their past in search of a better future. Will these ladies choose to escape from this male dominated society or they will fight back for their rights that will be answered in the movie.

it features Chitra Sen as a old lady who is ill treated by his sons at home, Sudiptaa Chhakraborty as a middle aged woman who is a victim of domestic violence and newcomer Rajnandini Paul as as a runaway bride whose father wants her to get married forcefully. They all run away from their home and meet together in road journey. Their another companion in this journey, is the Truck driver Chhotu played by newcomer Amartya Ray.

The film talks very sincerely about relevant subject of violence against women in our society. The trailer also promises it will have some power packed performances by the lead cast. Sudiptaa Chakraborty has already established herself as a powerful actress. Also Rajnandini and Amartya are looking promising. We also get some wonderfully shot visuals in the realistic location of rural areas of Bengal.

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