Trailer of the movie “Tritio Adhyay”

After making critically acclaimed Ami Joy Chatterjee, the director actor duo of Manoj Michigan and Abir Chatterjee is back with their next film Tritio Adhyay. It is an intense thriller with a romantic angle added in flashback. The story will show two estranged lovers who cross each other’s path after a long gap of their separation. This love story will bring back the pair of Abir Chatterjee and Paoli Dam together on screen after a long gap of six years. Recently the trailer of the film has been released and it is a well compiled thriller.

The trailer shows two stories in parallel. One story shows two young lovers played by Sourav Das and Arunima Halder. The other story shows Abir Chatterjee and Paoli Dam as two separated lovers who are trying to make peace with their past. But the trailer is smart enough to hide all the secrets and make us more eager to unfold the mysteries in theater. The film is slotted to release on February 8th, 2019 till then enjoy the trailer.

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