Official Trailer of the movie “Rainbow Jelly”

Here is the trailer of upcoming film Rainbow Jelly directed by Soukarya Ghosal, the man who had made the much appreciated movie Pendulum few years back. Rainbow Jelly is a story revolving around a young kid Ghoton played by debutante Mahabrata Basu. Ghotan is a special kid but mostly people make fun of him for being different. He is a orphan and lives with maternal uncle who misbehaves with him. Kaushik Sen has played the tyrant uncle. But Ghotan has lots of imagination and his own world of dream where he is the king. It is literally a fairy tale story as it has one magical fairy called Pari pishi played by Shreelekha Mitra. Pari Pishi helps Ghotan with her magical spices to make tasty food and win the confidence of his uncle. In other words this is a food fantasy film too.

The trailer is really different and looks like that it will be refreshing film to watch for both kids and families. Both Koushik Sen and Shantilal Mukherjee are good actors plus Shreelekha is playing a very different character in a completely different look. But definitely the show stealer is going to be Mahabrata Basu with his so natural performance as Ghotan. Hopefully this fairy tale is going to spread magic all over.

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