Official Trailer of the movie “Prem Amar 2”

After 10 years of the very successful tragic love story Prem Amar, director Raj Chakraborty is coming with its sequel Prem Amar 2. But this time he is not directing it rather he is producing it along with the other production house Jaaz Multimedia from Bangladesh. Shree Venkatesh Films is presenting the film. Raj Chakraborty’s long time assistant Bidula Bhattacharjee is making her directorial debut with this film. Earlier we have seen Raj Chakraborty giving break to Abhimanyu Mukherjee who was also an assistant director with him, in the movie Noor Jahaan.

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Although the director has been changed this time but the lead pair of Noor Jahaan, Adrit Roy and Puja Chery Roy are here in Prem Amar 2 also. It is a love triangle where Saurav Das has been added as the third angle. Recently the trailer of the film has been released. In the trailer one can find too many similarities with Prem Amar. Once again it is a tragic love story of two neighbors who belong from different cultural background. Their families are not okay to accept this relationship. The girl somehow accepts it as fate but the boy turns rebellion. We have seen similar story in Prem Amar and that images are still fresh in our mind even after 10 years. In such a situation what new this new team will bring to us with Prem Amar 2 that we can watch only after its release on 25th January. Till then enjoy the trailer:

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