Trailer of the movie “Byomkesh Gowtro”

From last few years,watching a Byomkesh Bakshy movie has became an integral part of our Durga Puja celebrations. Although Anjan Dutt is not making Byomkesh movies anymore but this Durga Puja Arindam Sil is coming with his next Byomkesh film titled as Byomkesh Gowtro. The film which has been produced by Shree Venkatesh Films is based on the story Rakter Daag by Sharadindu Bandopadhyay. Once again we will see Abir Chatterjee as Satyanweshi Byomkesh Bakshi. There will be Sohini Sarkar by his side as Satyabati. As Ajit this time we will see Rahul Banerjee who was last seen as Ajit in a brief appearance in Bidaay Byomkesh. After Banaras and North Bengal this time director Arindam Sil has taken his Byomkesh to the wonderful locations of Mussoorie to solve a critical murder mystery revolving around complex relationships. Recently the trailer of the film has been released.

The trailer begins with an interesting line “Satyabati, Satyanweshi, Satyakaam, lovely triangle”. The first two are the regular characters in any Byomkesh story and the third one is the most interesting character of this story Satyaakaam, a rich playboy who describes himself as the most popular as well as notorious man in town.  He comes to Byomkesh with an offer to investigate his murder when he will be killed. Arjun Chakrabarty has played this interesting character. The trailer also introduces the other key characters of the film, Anjan Dutt as Ushapoti, Baishakhi Marjit and Anindita Bose as older and younger version of another important character Suchitra, Priyanka Sarkar as Emily. Apart from them the ensemble cast also includes Indrashish Roy, Sauraseni Maitra, Harsh Chhaya, Suprobhat Das and newcomer Bibriti Chatterjee among others.

Besides the cast, the other two things that draws attention in the teaser are Subhankar Bhar’s eye soothing cinematography and the beautiful background score done by Bickram Ghosh. The trailer of Byomkesh Gowtro has already set our mood now we are waiting for the big release of the movie during this Puja.

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