Trailer of the movie “Kishore Kumar Junior”

This Durga Puja, director Kaushik Ganguly is coming with his first musical film Kishore Kumar Junior. It is a tribute to the legendary singer Kishore Kumar as the central character of the film is a Kishore Konthi singer who is fondly called as Kishore Kumar Junior. There are several Konthi singers who has became famous by imitating voice of popular singers and Kaushik Ganguly has chosen to tell the back stage life of one such singer. Prosenjit Chatterjee will be seen in the title role. Aparajita Adhya is playing his on screen wife and Ritobroto Mukherjee is playing his son. The cast also includes Rajesh Sharma, Lama Halder and Masood Akhtar in significant characters. Here is the much awaited trailer of the film has been released.

In the trailer we can see Prosenjit Chatterjee as a celebrity  Kishore Konthi singer for whom Kishore Kumar his idol. There are around 18 songs in the film all are evergreen Kishore Kumar songs recreated by Indraadip Das Gupta and sung by Kumar Sanu. In the trailer we can hear some of the songs. It also shows the personal life of the singer is not as flashy and glittering like his clothes on stage. His own son is not happy with his profession as a stage singer. The film is not just about a singer and his personal life, there are other layers too. In the trailer we can see the other side of the story. It has addressed the tension between India and Pakistan. A large portion of the film has been shot in Rajashthan near Indo-Pak border areas where Kishore Kumar Junior gets kidnapped along with his wife and band members. In the trailer there is a hint that how music connects both the countries in spite of this enmity as we can see a Pakistani terrorist indulges himself in Rafi vs Kishore argument.

On a whole the trailer is promising enough to bring audience to the theaters. So this Puja get ready to experience the magical combination of melodious Kishore Kumar and magnificent actor Prosenjit Chatterjee.

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