Official Trailer of the movie “Tarikh”

In 2014 , actress Churni Ganguly had made her directorial debut with Nirbashito, now after a long gap of more than four years she is back with her second film as a director titled as Tarikh. It has been produced by Opera movies. The film has been well received at some festivals now it is all set to release in theaters on 12th April.

Tarikh is a story of three friends, a conformist played by Raima Sen, a realist played by Ritwick Chakraborty and an idealist played by Saswata Chatterjee. Apart from these three , there is also a track of a group of young students. Their story is also connected with the three main protagonist. Among the rest of the cast, there is Kaushik Ganguly, June Malya, Aloknanda Roy, Ardhendu Banerjee among others. The impact of social media specially Facebook in every day life is playing an important part in the film. That impact is very much present in the poster as well as in the trailer of the film.

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Recently the trailer of the film has been released. It is a trailer of very short length and do not disclose much about the story. It only give some glimpse of the talented star cast along with some dates which shows the relation of timeline with the story. With Churni Ganguli on the director’s seat and such an excellent actors in the lead cast we can surely except for something exceptional from the film. For that we have to wait till April 12, till then have a look at the trailer here:

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