Trailer of the movie “Nagarkirtan”

Director Kaushik Ganguly’s much awaited film Nagarkirtan is finally releasing in theaters on this February 8th. The film was completed long back and had traveled to some festivals also. Last year it had received four National award too. But it was having some issues for its theatrical release now everything has been resolved and it is ready for its theatrical release. The film deals with a very sensitive topic that is about transgenders. It takes a dig at the life of the transgenders who also have the right to love someone and to be loved by someone.

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It is a story of transgender and flute player played by Riddhi Sen and Rittwick Chakraborty respectively. They love each other but it is not so easy for this relationship to be accepted by the society. It is a very sensitive topic and one can hope that Kaushik Ganguly has handled this subject with maturity. Recently the trailer of the film has been released. From the beginning most of the details about the film has been kept secret mostly because of the sensitivity of the subject. In the trailer also nothing much has been disclosed about its story. But the trailer makes one point very clear that the film will highlight the problems of transgenders in our society to get acceptance from everyone. In the trailer we can see Riddhi Sen playing a transgender exceptionally well. Not to forget he had received National Award for best actor for this character. Along side him there is very dependable actor Ritwick Chakraborty who never disappoints us.

The trailer also gives a hint of the mythological references regarding Mahaprabhu Chaitanya who is symbolically present here in form of an idol. As per mythology, Chaitanya aka Nimai was the reincarnation of Lord Krishna to feel the pain of Radha for him. Nimai had a body of a man but his heart was of a woman more like Radha. Here Ridhhi’s character has similarities with Nimai and her love interest played by Ritwick is quite similar to Krishna who was a also a flute player. Nagarkirtan will show us a lesser known side of love which is beyond gender, beyond ages and beyond all the boundaries created by society.

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