Official Trailer of the movie “Googly”

Director Abhimanyu Mukherjee is coming soon with his new film Googly which has been produced by Surinder Films. Since the first look poster of the film had been released featuring the cute child actor Soumyodipta Saha who is playing the title role, we are eagerly looking for to know more about the film. Now the trailer of the film has been released and it has given some hint about the story but still a lot has been kept under wraps. May be the makers do not want to reveal much about the plot which is actually a good thing to do. But even with very short duration the trailer is effective enough to grab our attention.

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The story is about two people Arjun and Daali played Soham Chakraborty and Srabanti Chatterjee. Both of them are having stammering problem. These common problem bring them more close to each other. Eventually they fall in love and get married. Post marriage they want to have a baby but they are scared what if their baby also born with the same stammering problem. In the trailer we can see that they have a baby boy named Googly but whether he has any speaking problem or not that has not been disclosed in the trailer.

One must thank Abhimanyu Mukherjee for choosing such a refreshing and unconventional subject in mainstream movie format. Also by choosing Soham and Srabanti for the lead roles he has proved that his faith in them as actors. It must have been very challenging for both of them to play a character having stammering problem. But as we can see in the trailer, both of them are looking convincing in their parts. Apart from them there is cute little Soumyodipta Saha in and as Googly who has surely enhanced eagerness for the film. The film is releasing on 29th March till then enjoy the trailer again and again and fall in love with Googly.

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  • Monimala Pal says:

    Very good review. Hrid Majhaare had indeed set very high hopes and Rong Beronger Kori has absolutely met them. Kudos to the director Ranjan Ghosh. Definitely someone to watch out for. What a film…. (y)


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