Trailer of the movie “Baccha Shoshur”

For a long time Jeet was planning to come out of remake zone to create something interesting with an original script. For this he had collaborated with Babar Naam Gandhiji and Rosogolla maker Pavel. Now their first collaboration is ready to release. A family entertainer comedy titled as Baccha Shoshur. The story and screenplay have been written by Pavel and it has been directed by his assistant Biswarup Biswas. The film has been jointly produced by Jeet’s home production Jeetz Filmworks and Surinder Films.

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Since the title of the film was announced along with its first official poster, it had generated too much curiosity about the story. Now the trailer has been released and it gives some idea about the twist in the story. In the trailer we can see Jeet as a family man who is having a wife played by Koushani Mukherjee and a three year old son. He is supposed to be a happy father but he is not as his son has came as a nightmare in his life. He can hear his son talking in the voice of his father in law. He only experiences this as if his Shoshur is trying to torture him through his son. From the trailer it also seems Jeet is very much scared of his father in law played by Chiranjeet Chakraborty and he is not in good terms with him. But why their equation is not so good that has not been revealed in the trailer. It focuses more on the fun part about how the kid is torturing Jeet. Towards the end the trailer, it also discloses some emotional moments from the film which hints about negligence of old parents.  On a whole it looks like this will be a complete package of family entertainment.

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The film will release on this Saraswati Puja weekend and we hope this comedy will bring laughter for both the makers as well as audience. Till then enjoy the trailer of Baccha Shoshur.

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