Trailer of the movie “Ahaa Re”

Director Ranjan Ghosh is coming with his next film Ahaa Re featuring Rituparna Sengupta and Arifin Shuvoo in the lead. Rituparna Sengupta is also producing the film under her production house Bhavna Aaj O Kal. It will be a wonderful blend of a love story and food film. It is a story of two people who belong to different country, different religion, different culture but their common passion for cooking brings them closer.

Recently the trailer of the film has been released. The trailer do not tell much about the whole story but it gives some idea about the two lead characters. Shuvoo is playing Faraz Choudhury a well known chef in Dhaka. For him cooking is passion. He has a nice relationship with his girlfriend and mother but his equation is not good with his father. Rituparna Sengupta is Basundhara Ganguly, a homely girl in Kolkata who runs a small catering business along with her father and brother. She also loves cooking but not in a professional way rather its more personal art for her. Once Faraz comes to India, he chances upon the food prepared by Basundhara. The tasty food increases his curiosity about her. He wants to learn her cooking style and soon this cooking sessions brings them more close to each other. But their common interest for cooking is not enough for their love to be accepted. There are barriers of age, culture, religion. If they will be able to cross those barriers that we will get to know once the film will be released on February 22nd.

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The film has a fresh story concept and from the trailer it looks like director Ranjan Ghosh has maturely handled this love story blending with flavors of different Bengali cousins. We are looking forward to it. Till then watch the trailer of the movie Ahaa Re:

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