Trailer of the movie “Ek Je Chhilo Raja”

  • September 10, 2018
  • by Mukesh Jha

This Durga Puja director Srijit Mukherji is ready to retell the fascinating story of the king of Bhawal with his upcoming movie Ek Je Chhilo Raja. A king who came back after 12 yrs of his death to claim his wealth from the British Govt and it led him to a court case. The court case continued for long 16 years. This is one captivating story which has inspired many directors and everyone has made their own versions. But according to director Srijit Mukherji so far we have seen more fictionalized versions of the story, this time he has tried to be more authentic to the subject. The primary source of his research work is the book A Princely Impostor written by Partha Chatterjee.

Recently in a press meet the much awaited trailer of the film has been released.

From the trailer it is very much clear that Srijit has tried to give more importance to the court room drama and he has narrated his story through the court case proceedings. In the trailer we can see two extremely talented actors Anjan Dutt and Aparna Sen fighting a legal battle opposite each other as lawyers. Also we can see Jisshu Sengupta playing the king of Bhawal as well as the impostor Sanyasi. Here one must give credit to make up artist Somnath Kundu for creating such an amazing looks for Jisshu Sengupta. In the trailer we can see him in three different looks as young prince of Bhawal, as a Naga Sanyasi and as an aged man who is fighting a court case to claim his wealth and his identity. The trailer also give us some glimpse of the other important characters like Jaya Ahsan as Jisshu’s on screen sister and Rajnandini Paul as his on screen wife.  We can also see Anirban Bhattacharya who is playing Bhawal raja’s brother in law and Sreenanda Shankar who will be seen as King’s girlfriend with whom he had an extra marital affair.

The other things in the trailer of Ek Je Chhilo Raja, that definitely catch attention are Gairik Sarkar’s excellent camerawork and Indraadip Dasgupta’s melodious music. There is enough material in the trailer to increase eagerness for the film. This Puja this King is going to rule for sure.

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