Trailer of the movie “Bagh Bandi Khela”

  • November 12, 2018
  • by Mukesh Jha

Since the film was announced, Bagh Bandi Khela had made headlines as it is going to be the first film which will feature two big stars Prosenjit Chatterjee and Jeet in same film for the first time. Although the film is an anthology film having three different stories and Prosenjit and Jeet will feature in separate stories but still it is one big opportunity for their fans to see them in same film. Anthology films are not a new concept for Bengali movies but in mainstream commercial movie format no one has made any anthology film so far. So Bagh Bandi Khela is going to be the first anthology film for Bengali mainstream cinema. The film has three stories directed by three directors. Recently the trailer of the film has been released. In the trailer we get a glimpse of these three stories although it is still not clear if the three stories are interconnected or separate stories, to know that we have to watch the film in theaters.

The first story is Bagh made by Raja Chanda. It is an action thriller featuring Jeet in the title role as a crime branch officer who is on a mission to catch some criminals. This story also features Sayantika as his wife. The second story is Bandi, directed by Sujit Mondal. It is set in Banaras. It features the much loved pair Soham and Srabanti as a couple who are on the verge of starting their love story but an unwanted twist change the direction of their life. They accidentally witness a murder and from that point their rom-com turns into a thriller. This story also features Bishwanath Basu in a negative character. The third story is Khela directed by Haranath Chakraborty. It will feature Prosenjit Chatterjee as a lawyer for whom money matters more than justice. But one case changes his life when he tries to defend few rape accused where the victim is his daughter’s friend. Rittika Sen will be seen as her daughter. It seems the film has every element of a mainstream film, drama, comedy, action, romance and the good thing is none of the three stories is a remake. N K Salil has written three original screenplay for the film. Jeet Gannguli has composed the music. The film has potential to turn out to be a winner at the box office.

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