This Noboborsho celebrate dates of life with Churni Ganguly’s “Tarikh”

Every date is important in our life as every date has a possibility to become a special one so celebrate every day of the life. This is the message that director Churni Ganguly want to spread with her second directorial Tarikh which is releasing on this Noboborsho weekend. The film has been produced by Opera Moviesm the production house behind the wonderful movies Bishorjon and Bijoya.

Tarikh is a story of three friends, a conformist played by Raima Sen, a realist played by Ritwick Chakraborty and an idealist played by Saswata Chatterjee. Apart from these three , there is also a track of a group of young students also. Their story is also connected with the three main protagonist. Among the rest of the cast, there is Kaushik Ganguly, June Malya, Aloknanda Roy, Ardhendu Banerjee and Anashua Majumdar among others. The impact of social media specially Facebook in every day life is playing an important part in the film.  In today’s time most of us keep posting our life events on social media and it becomes a timeline of our life events.

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With Churni Ganguli on the director’s seat and such excellent actors in the lead cast we can surely except for something exceptional from the film.So far the film has been well received at different festivals, now it is expected to receive a similar type of appreciation from the audience at theaters also.

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