Teaser of upcoming romantic thriller Kidnap featuring Dev and Rukmini

This Eid much loved pair Dev and Rukmini Maitra is coming together once again with their upcoming movie Kidnap. It will be a romantic thriller directed by Raja Chanda and produced by Surinder Films. Mostly Raja Chanda is associated with remakes but this movie has been made with an original story which has been written by N K Salil. Dev is working with Surinder films after four years, in fact in last two years he has worked in his home production movies only. Same is applicable for Rukmini Maitra. It is her first film out side Dev’s home production.

This is a romantic thriller where Dev is playing a musician and Rukmini is playing a journalist. The two meet and fall in love but they unknowingly get involved in a human trafficking racket and how they deal with the crisis that forms the rest of story. Recently two teasers of the film has been released.

The first teaser is focusing more on the action part and from the teaser it can be said there are enough dose of well designed action sequences. The second teaser has highlighted the romantic chemistry between the the lead pair. Dev and Rukmini are coming together for the fourth time but in their last three films there was not much scope of romance specially in their last film Kabir. So for their fans it will be a good opportunity to see them as a romantic pair. In both the teaser apart from wonderful chemistry of Dev and Rukmini and some engaging action sequences the other thing that grabs attention is the well shot exotic locations of Dubai and Thailand wonderfully shot by cinematographer Souvik Basu.

Looks like this Eid is going to be exciting with Kidnap. Till then enjoy the teaser and wait for the trailer which is coming soon.

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