A Byomkesh movie with a twist, not based on a story written by Sharadindu

In recent past we have seen so many Bengali movies and even web series based on stories of  popular sleuth Byomkesh Bakshi, written by Sharadindu Bandopadhyay. But the latest offering from Shree Venkatesh Films Bidaay Byomkesh is a truly different movie in spite of being a Byomkesh film. It is not based on any story written by Sharadindu Bandopadhyay rather it will be based on an original story written by director Debaloy Bhatttcharya. Earlier Debaloy has written script for movies like Abhishapto Nighty and had directed one movie Roga Hoar Sahaj Upaay. He has also worked on some web series. All of his earlier works were related with humor, but this time he has chosen a completely different track of a thriller. He has taken the popular character of Byomkesh created by Sharadindu but has placed him in his own story. Recently director Kamaleshwar Mukherjee had done something similar with the character Shankar from Chander Pahar when he had written an original story for Amazon Obhijaan around the character of Shankar.

In Bidaay Byomkesh there is lots of surprise awaiting for Byomkesh fans. Here Byomkesh is not young anymore, he is an old man in his late 70’s.  He is no more actively involved in investigations, rather he lives a lonely life with his sister in law and grandson Satyaki. Satyabati and Ajit are no more alive. This time Byomkesh is dealing with his family issues. His son is missing for two years and there are some criminal charges on him. Byomkesh want to find the truth about his son and his grandson Satyaki is helping him in this search. His son will be played by Joy Sengupta and Bidipta Chakraborty will play the character of his daughter in law. According to the director, although Satyabati and Ajit are no more alive but their presence will be there in the story, though he is not willing to give more details about it at this stage.

There is a wonderful twist in the casting too. Abir Chatterjee who is a familiar face now  for playing Byomkesh will be seen in a double role. He will be seen as aged Byomkesh for which he is going through a wonderfully done prosthetic make up to look old. At the same time he will also play the young Satyaki who is the grandson of Byomkesh. This is not the end, another popular face from Byomkesh movies Sohini Sarkar who is very popular for playing Satyabati, will be seen in an urban look here. She will play the girlfriend of Satyaki. The director is not ready to reveal more about her character as of now, but it can be guessed , the character must have something substantial to do , to match with the potential of Sohini.

Shooting for the movie is in progress, although no details are available about its release date as of now. It is surely going to be an exciting watch for the viewers specially for the fans of Byomkesh franchise. There is a hint in the title too, will the film bid adieu to Byomkesh and introduce Satyaki as new sleuth. We have to wait for the release of the film to know all those answers.

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