Trailer of the movie “Robibaar”

  • December 8, 2019
  • by Mukesh Jha

Since when the film Robibaar was announced there is a huge curiosity for the film because it will bring two extremely talented actors Prosenjit Chatterjee and Jaya Ahsan together for the first time that too under the direction of efficient story teller Atanu Ghosh. Robibaar will be the story of two ex-lovers Asimabha and Sayoni who meet each other unexpectedly after a gap of fifteen years on a Sunday morning. The film will revolve around their experiences together throughout the whole Sunday. According to director Atanu Ghosh, after Mayurakshi and Binisutoy (yet to be released), Robibaar will complete his trilogy of movies about self discovery in the backdrop of Kolkata. In all these three movies he has tried to capture the complex mindset of the protagonists who are going through a journey of self discovery during a situation of crisis. Another thing that connects the three movies is, in all these three movies there are two lead characters who are trying to find solace in each others company.

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Recently the trailer of the film has been released and it is a very well edited trailer with an engaging quality. People who are familiar with Atanu Ghosh’s film making style they must know he is never in a hurry to tell a lot of thing through his movies rather his narrative has a tranquility where he focuses on the small moments between two persons with much care and detailing. The trailer of Robibaar shows that same signature style of story telling by Ghosh. It has smartly avoided to reveal much about the story, rather it has focused more on the wonderful chemistry between its two leads. Both Prosenjit Chatterjee and Jaya Ahsan are in terrific form which is obviously expected from them. Also Debojyoti Mishra’s soulful background score has a soothing effect. It seems, for the audience, Robibaar is going to be an experience to be cherished for a long time. For that we have to wait till its release on December 27th, till then enjoy the trailer:

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