Review of “Tritio Adhyay” – Three stages of love

Director – Manoj Michigan

Cast – Abir Chhatterjee, Paoli Dam, Sourav Das, Arunima Haldar

Overall Rating – 3/5

As the name suggests Manoj Michigan’s latest film Tritio Adhyay is a film told in three separate parts named as three chapters. It has been designed in such a way to make a thriller out of hard core love story. It is definitely a refreshing approach to narrate the story but after a point the format fails to deliver the expected result.

In the first half of the film both first and third chapters run in parallel without making any connection with each other. The first chapter shows a budding romance between two college going teenagers Ritwick (Sourav Das) and Mou (Arunima Haldar). It is one innocent charming love story where the guy is hesitant to take responsibilities and the girl is more courageous to take their relationship one step ahead. On the other hand the third chapter which unfolds in a small town of Jharkhand begins with a man named Koushik (Abir Chatterjee) who has arrived there to search an author S K Mukherjee who is his father according to him. Suddenly he comes across with his ex-girlfriend Shreya (Paoli Dam). Both Koushik and Shreya were in love long back but they are not in touch anymore since their separation. Shreya is upset with Koushik for some mistake that he had done in the past which had lead them to separation. Both of them have moved on in their life leaving their past behind but destiny brings them face to face once again. In the second half comes the second chapter which tries to bridge the gap between first and third chapter. But unfortunately it is very poorly written and not at all convincing. It looks very much forced to take the story to an already decided climax. Also the big revelation in the climax comes too late by that time everyone has already guessed it. Finally what happens in the climax is very much melodramatic and depressive. It spoils all the good impression that the film had made in the first half.

As a director Manoj Michigan has done better works earlier and we certainly expect better work from him. His direction is not bad though but he surely need to work on the story and screenplay.

Abir Chatterjee has done good job throughout. Although his character graph changes strangely but that is not his fault it is part of writing. He has managed to look convincing as per the demand of the character.  Paoli Dam has comparatively lesser screen-time but she is impressive in her limited scope. She has very less dialogues but her expressive eyes compensate that. Only she could have given more restrained performance in the climax. The two young actors Sourav Das and Arunima Haldar are very confident and they have done superb job. Their cute chemistry works really well. Among the others director Manoj Michigan himself has done a supporting character of a caretaker and he is very natural in his performance.

Among the technical team, cinematographer Supriyo Dutta has captured the rustic landscape of Deoghar quite well. Editor Sanglap Bhowmick has also done a good job with the non-linear narrative style. Arin’s songs and background score is good. Specially the song Hazar Bacchor is very nice.

Overall Tritio Adhyay is a hard core love story that has been narrated in the format of a thriller. It would have worked much better if the second chapter would have been written in a better way to connect the first and third chapter. Still it can be watched for the wonderful performances of the lead cast and some good visuals in the beautiful landscape of Jharkhand.

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