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When almost all the mainstream commercial Bengali cinemas are getting rejected by the audience, when all the contemporary heroes are trying to switch to strong performance based roles in original story based movies, Jeet chooses to make “Boss2”, a sequel to his 2013 hit “Boss”. By doing this film Jeet has proved he is not ready to be carried away with the current trend neither he is in a mood to be taken seriously as an actor. He is happy with his stardom and popularity among the masses at the small centers.

So basically “Boss2” is a typically masala entertainer where Hero dominates the whole plot. He has the power to do anything impossible and he will never fail in his motive. The story is a continuation from the first part, Jeet is playing the same character Suriya who is now a big name in Mumbai, Rusha (Subhashree Ganguly) is Suriya’s girlfriend and Inspector Binayak’s (Chiranjeet Chakraborty) daughter. Suriya who had came to rule Mumbai with his brain and gun is now a changed man, he has promised Rusha that he won’t use gun anymore but still he has the leadership qualities and he want to use it in social welfare with the help of his friend and minister Gopinath (Supriyo Dutta). Suriya has a concept of Suriya foundation which will develop school, hospital, housing etc for poor people at low cost and the project will be funded by the common people for whom he is developing the project. Minister Gopinath’s foreign return son Bidyut (Indraneil Sengupta) also joins hand with Suriya in this noble cause. But situation becomes worse when someone kills Gopinath and all the investment for Suriya foundation goes missing suddenly. Now it’s turn for Suriya to use his brain and muscle power to get back all the money and punish the killers of Gopinath. As expected he goes alone in his mission as he is a one man army. As the film is a joint production from Bangladesh and Jeet is quite popular there so obviously his mission starts from Bangladesh which later proceeds to Bangkok so that some action sequences can be added in high rise buildings. In Bangladesh he is joined by Aisha (Nusrat Faria) who has her own motive which collides with Suriya’s mission. No point for guessing the end of this predictable plot. Although it has been termed as an original story and not an official remake but the story has some similarities with Rajnikant’s “Shivaji The Boss”. Even if we neglect the similarities still can be said there is no freshness in this screenplay, from start to finish everything is very much routine. Still it can be enjoyed by the people who enjoy the concept of Heroism where Hero mouths heavy dialogues, punches and beats all the goons irrespective of their shape and size. Here one thing should be mentioned the movie is very much honest to its target audiences, it has stylishly designed action sequences, a charismatic leading man to carry the story on his strong shoulders.

As a director Baba Yadav has done okay job, anyways his job becomes much easy when he has a hero like Jeet who fits so well in this genre of movies.

Jeet is no doubt the main USP of the film; it is his on screen presence and charisma which makes the movie an enjoyable watch for its target audience. Subhashree Ganguly has nothing much to do apart from showing her long legs in her short dresses. Compared to her Nusrat Faria has a smaller but meatier role and she is quite okay.

Among the villains Bangladeshi actor Amit Hasan is too loud, Indraneil Sengupta is good but he is getting typecast in negative roles. Kaushik Sen is a very talented actor but it is tough to understand why he agreed to do such small insignificant role in this movie. Also he too is getting very repetitive in negative characters.

The music is by Jeet Ganguly but sadly the music is not up to the mark compared to the original “Boss” soundtrack. “Urechhe Man” failed to impress like “Mon Majhire” also the title track is weaker this time. The only song which sounds and looks good is “Yaara Meherbaan”.

Among the technical team the person who deserves special mention is action director Allan Amin. Although there is nothing new in the action sequences, mostly there are bike chase, helicopter stunts and jump from high rise buildings which are among the signature style of Allan Amin, still it looks good on screen and has been executed quite well.

Overall “Boss2” is a true mainstream masala film which worships the concept of heroism. It is strictly for those who do not care about logic or storyline rather enjoys the heavyweight dialogues and punches of the Hero

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