Review of the movie Kabir

Director – Aniket Chattopadhyay

Cast – Dev , Rukmini Maitra, Shataf Figar, Arna Mukhopadhyay, Priyanka Sarkar

Overall Rating – 3.5/5

Kabir is the third movie produced by Dev and with each film he is making it more clear that  mainstream commercial movies can also be made with original scripts . Kabir is a thriller dealing with the topic of terrorism. Before this no one has attempted to make movie on terrorism in Bengali. Special Task Force, Terrorist attacks, Sleeper cells, Suicide bombers these words and concepts were never shown before in any Bengali mainstream cinema. So it is one refreshing attempt by the makers. They have tried to bring this dark world of terrorism and jihad on big screen. Although it lacks proper detailing and authenticity but the makers deserve credit for attempting such subject and giving such relevant message that terrorism has no religion.

Most of the story revolves around two co passengers in a train journey from Mumbai to Howrah. This two passengers are Abir (Dev) and Yasmin (Rukmini Maitra). They first meet when Abir gives Yasmin lift to station, then they meet in waiting room in station and again they meet in train as they have berths next to each other. These two appears friendly co-passengers in the beginning who don’t mind flirting with each other too. But everything is not so easy going as it looks. Also it’s not a mere coincidence that they are meeting again and again. Both have some secrets and past and a motive which is disclosed one after another as the film progresses. In a true thriller format it keeps throwing surprises till the end. Although one can guess the final twist little earlier which is not so good for a thriller. Also the climax looks too simplistic to digest. Is it really so easy to trace down wanted terrorists. If the end of a thriller is not satisfactory then it harms a lot to the whole film. There is another problem with the script that it has varied pace in two halves. The first half is slow it takes too much time to come to the main point. On the other hand the second half is too huried when a lot of new characters are introduced. Even there are two different versions of same incident in flashbacks. All these become too much to handle in such a short span of time.

Official Trailer of Kabir

Aniket Chattopadhyay so far has mostly made comedies but here he is handling a complete different subject. He has succeeded to make the required tension for most of the part. But he could have worked more on his research to make the terrorist activities more convincing on screen. It never goes in depth of the sleeper cell process only touches it on surface level.

As an actor Dev is trying hard to improve himself. Full marks for trying new challenging characters every time but he has a lot to improve. Specially his loud sarcastic laughs looks unintentionally funny. Though he is sporting enough to critisise his own limitations about speaking Bengali perfectly. Rukmini Maitra may have been blamed by many to get movies for her personal relations with the producer, but with her acting she has proved that the production house is lucky to get her as the leading lady. She has already impressed everyone with her second film Cockpit. Now she has matured more and has performed really well in the complex character of Yasmin Khatun. Her character goes through a graph of being a helpless girl in distress to a strong woman and she has portrayed it wonderfully. The supporting cast is also strong. Two theater actors Arna Mukhopadhyay and Krishnendu Deoanji has made their debut. Krishnendu Deoanji is okay but Arna Mukhopadhyay has steal the show with his natural performance. Shataf Figar is also effective in a small role. Sadly Priyanka Sarkar has nothing to do.

Cinematographer Harendra Singh has worked well specially in the scenes inside the train. A major part of the film has been shot inside train coach and with his change of camera angles he has never made it look monotonous. Editor Rabiranjan Maitra could have worked much better. Just because the story is unveiling in a running train that does not mean that a shot of running train or railway tracks have to be inserted in every five minutes. Sometimes it breaks the continuity of a scene. Also so many random train and track shots has unnecessarily added length to the film. The background score is too loud and tries too hard to build tension. But it actually works as a torture to the ears. Sometimes it’s so loud that dialogues are not properly audible. There is no scope for music and it has only one song in the background. It comes in a perfect situation and works well.

Overall Kabir has a refreshing subject and a feel of thrill for most of the part. It could have been more realistic but still it’s good for a one time watch.

Kabir rating

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