Review of the movie “Ka Kha Ga Gha”

Director – Dr Krishnendu Chatterjee

Cast – Paran Bandopadhyay, Kaushik Ganguly, Aparajita Adhya, Lama Halder, Sourav Das, Saayoni Ghosh, Samadarshi Dutta, Sayan Ghosh, Iman Chakraborty.

Overall Rating – 3/5

Dr Krishnendu Chatterjee is a household name for comedy for his wonderful work in TV show Mirakkel. But short comic gags or skits or stand up comedy is completely different from a full length feature film. So it is obvious question if Dr. Chatterjee has succeeded or not in a making a complete entertainer in his directorial debut, Ka Kha Ga Gha. The answer is he has succeeded in creating many hilarious situations but on a whole as a film it does not work totally. The required impact is missing in the story.

The story is centered around a mess. The owner is 72 year old Madhab Dutta (Paran Bandopadhyay) who had left his home at young age with a dream to become a hero but remained a junior artist only. He runs a mess to give accommodation to the young artists who are struggling for a big break in film industry. There are total seven boarders but the focus is mainly on five of them, Kanai Kanjilal (Lama Halder), a junior artist, Kalyan (Samadarshi Dutta), an aspiring director, Kharaj (Iman Chakraborty), an aspiring script writer, Ganesh (Sourav Das), an aspiring actor who want to play Hero and Ghanta (Sayan Ghosh) another aspiring actor who want to play a villain. All of them are trying hard to do something big in their career in movies but luck is not in their favour. In such a situation they decide to use their own talent to make their own film. Only problem is they need a producer who will be ready to invest money in their film. They have one option in their mind a rich businessman Bhabotosh Babu (Kaushik Ganguly), owner of a biscuit company. But he rejects their script as he finds it illogical. To prove him wrong they goes a step further and kidnaps his wife Madhabi (Aparajita Adhya), exactly the way it was written in their script. If this step helps them to get finance for their film or not that suspense is resolved in the climax.

The main twist in the plot is the kidnapping which sadly is not convincing enough. Just like the character of Bhabotosh, the audience will also think it’s illogical. It’s okay to have illogical things in comedy provided it gives enough laughter, but the situations followed by the kidnapping are too cliche and not funny enough. In spite of the weak story there are some really funny scenes written and executed wonderfully which will give you laugh out loud moments. For example the situation where Madhab Dutta narrates his story in flashback, the scene where a producer asks the script writer to change the story to suit his requirements, the scene when Ganesh gives audition for a role in a serial. There are many such situations which will make you smile mostly in first half. In second half the story looses it’s grip and fun moments also reduces. It looks like the writers are running out of ideas and unnecessarily dragging the plot.

As a director Dr Krishnendu Chatterjee has made a confident debut. He has created the world of the struggling artists very effectively. The detailing for technical aspects in the setup of the mess life is commendable. One can easily relate with the characters. Only he could have worked better on the story.

Trailer of Ka Kha Ga Gha

Among the bunch of actors the seniors are in excellent form. Paran Bandopadhyay is too good as Madhab Dutta. Aparajita Adhya has a superb comic timing. She excels in her character. Lama Halder has done a superb job. He rarely gets such a chance and he has utilized this opportunity skillfully. Kaushik Ganguly’s has got a half baked character whose emotions are not very clear. Still he has delivered an impressive performance with his own acting abilities. There is a dialogue in the film where Kaushik Ganguly says to the young actors, I am such a good actor and you guys can never match my skills, this dialogue sounds very true for the young actors of the film. Samadarshi Dutta looks completely lost in the crowd of actors, Iman Chakraborty and Sayan Ghosh are too loud. In attempt to generate humor they have done too much over acting. Sourav Das is comparatively better among them. There is Saayoni Ghosh too as Ganesh’s girlfriend. She is very natural in her acting but she has hardly anything to do. There are some wonderful cameos by Mir, Sumit Samaddar, Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy. Here one thing should be said giving Mir’s picture in the posters is completely misleading, as he has only one scene appearance.

There are four songs composed by Anindo Chattopadhyay, which are okay but not required in the film. Specially the romantic track “Naam Na Jana Pakhi” which is very pleasant to both ears and eyes but it was not required at all in the film. There are two songs featuring the mess boarders which looks and sounds similar only one song was enough in that case. One item song is also there “Kuchur Muchur” featuring Rii, it has some funny lyrics describing biscuits but it does not add much fun.

Overall Ka Kha Ga Gha is a film which promises laughter and delivers laughter. There is no vulgarity or cheap content about the humor which is very good for family viewers. But the second half lacks fun and the climax is not satisfactory. Still you can watch it for some genuinely funny moments and superb acting by the senior actors.

ka Kha Ga Gha Review rating

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