Review of the movie “Ghare & Baire”

Director – Mainak Bhaumik

Cast – Jisshu Sengupta, Koel Mallick, Joy Sengupta, Biswanath Basu, Aparajita Adhya

Overall Rating – 3.5/5

When you see rom-com written on the poster of a film then you can be very much sure the makers want you to be prepared not to expect anything else other than a typical rom-com. Ghare & Baire made by Mainak Bhaumik and boys is a typical example of rom-com. Two lovers who loves, fights, have misunderstanding, then finally they meet again. From the very beginning it is clear where it is going to end, but what makes a rom-com more interesting is the path how it reaches to it’s climax.

The story is of two chidhood buddies Amit (Jisshu Sengupta) and Labanya (Koel Mallick). Since childhood they are best friends, they fall in love in growing up years but never confessed to each other. Then situation takes some adverse turn, Amit has to go to Mumbai to make a career and Labanya involves herself in helping others using music therapy. For three years they are out of touch which creates big misunderstanding and ego problem in between them. But still they have feelings for each other which they don’t want to reveal. After three years they meet once again when Amit returns to Kolkata for a common friend’s wedding and some business work. By that time situation has became more complicated, now Labanya is getting married to a NRI named Saptarshi aka Sam (Joy Sengupta). Ofcourse we all know finally with whom Labanya will get married.

Trailer of Ghare & Baire

Mainak Bhaumik always choose to tell stories about urban kolkata based people, Ghare & Baire is no exception. But here he has tried to connect this modern urban Bengali with his roots and tradition. Where the cool youngsters still knows Rabindra Sangeet, they prefer NRI grooms but choose to eat homemade bengali food, even they love to propose with a shankha pola instead of diamond ring. This little touches of Bangaliana works in favour of the film. Another good thing is the use of music. Music has been blended wonderfully in the script. Here both the lead characters love music, their professional career is related with music, in past they were part of a musical band, so music is everywhere in the film. All the songs composed by Anupam Roy and Savvy have been added in perfect situation. The songs are well composed, good to hear and never works as an obstacle to the story. But one thing which does not work is the lack of comedy. There is enough effort to create funny situations but it don’t have the required impact due to lack of funny dialogues. The film tries too hard to show itself as a light hearted comedy, most of the time characters talking or laughing loud just to look and sound funny and not serious. But it does not work. There are many situations which one can’t explain. For instance both the leads looks and supposed to be more than 30 but they fight like college kids without showing any maturity. Amit decides to separate himself from Labanya because of some reason, when they meet after three years the reason is still there but this time Amit is desparate to get Labanya back. There is no proper explanation why he is doing so. Infact he is in mad competition with the NRI groom, at one point he thinks to sell his house to buy a posh flat like Sam. Such an immature behaviour does not suit on the characters.

All the attention has been given to the lead pair only. The supporting characters has been so neglected that they have became typical cliches. The parents of Amit, Labanya and Sam are cardboard caricatures who adds nothing to the story. Same can be said about the friends played by Biswanath Basu and Aparajita Adhya. Biswanath Basu is doing the same thing what he does in every other film. It is sad to see a talented performer like Aparajita Adhya has been limited to a portable version of laughing buddha, who has nothing to do apart from laughing loudly always like a joker. The character of Sam is a spoof on NRIs but it’s too much after a point. There is spoof on Kakababu and Byomkesh too, in form of two private detectives who are assigned for background verification of bride and groom before marriage. Unfortunately the Kakababu character is too bad. But Soumyajit Majumdar’s funny take on Byomkesh is good.

In spite of these shortcomings the film works mostly because of the lead pair. Both Jisshu Sengupta and Koel Mallick have given solid performances. Together they have a crackling chemistry. They have the comfort level of actual childhood friends. Jisshu has hardly played such a nerdy geek boy next door and he has proved his versatility as an actor. Koel Mallick is definitely the hero of the film. The character will be a dream for any actor. It has given her enough scope to break her storyetypical image in mainstream cinema. She has looked glamorous as the tomboyish girl. She has acted really well.

On a whole Ghare & Baire is a typical rom-com with nothing new to tell. It has its shortcomings but it works mostly because of the wonderful music and superb chemistry between the lead pair.

Ghare & Baire Rating

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