Review of the movie “Ami Joy Chatterjee”

Director – Manoj Michigan

Cast – Abir Chatterjee, Jaya Ahsan, Shataf Figar

Overall Rating – 3.5/5

Every other Friday release claims to be different but in true sense Ami Joy Chatterjee is a movie which has really a unique , out of the box concept. The movie is kind of those fairytale stories which may not sound logical but keeps us engaged and gives us a good moral lesson. In today’s time most of us spend a self centered life to improve our own name, fame and money. But the truth is, our real identity is not our social status or money rather our behavior towards others. The way we behave with others we get the same in return at some point of our life. This is the lesson one can take away with him after watching this film.

The film begins in suspense thriller format. One fine day the main protagonist Joy Chatterjee (Abir Chatterjee) finds himself in a strange situation where no one is able to recognize him as Joy Chatterjee. Through flashbacks we come to know Joy Chatterjee is the managing director of a leading company. He is very much self centered and arrogant person who thinks he can compensate anything with money. He is so busy and dedicated to his work that he can’t give proper time to his relationship with his fiancée Dr. Aditi Roy (Jaya Ahsan). As a result their relationship is not working smoothly. To make it work, Joy makes an attempt and takes Aditi for a vacation to North Bengal. There he meets with a monk and everything changes. He lost his identity on which he had so much pride. Everyone around him denies to accept him as Joy Chatterjee. But why and how this happen to him? There is a twist in that which should be discovered in the theater. The secret gets revealed very soon and main story begins from there, transformation of Joy Chatterjee from a self centered egoistic man to a kind hearted helpful person who can feel others pain too.

The story is definitely very fresh and original. But the screenplay has some problems. It proceeds through a very tried and tested predictable path. After revealing the truth, there is no suspense at all. Still there is an unnecessary attempt to make it a thriller including the track of an investigating officer (Shataf Figar). Also the screenplay tries to spoon feed the concept to its audience by showing same incident again and again. The audience is intelligent enough to understand it, so this much amount of repeataive scenes were not required. Editor Sanglap Bhowmik could have worked better to avoid the repeataive shots. Also the scientific explanation of the whole concept at the end was not required. From our childhood we are habituated with fairy-tales where the message is more important not the logic.

Trailer of “Ami Joy Chatterjee”

As a director Manoj Michigan deserves credit for his brave step to such unconventional and unique concept. Only he could have worked better as the script writer.

Abir Chatterjee has got a tailor made role to showcase his talent and he has never let down for a single moment. He has carried the film from to start to end on his acting capabilities. The way he has shown the transformation of the character is commendable. Jaya Ahsan is limited here in a supporting act but she has managed to left impression in lesser screen time. Only thing which does not go well with her performance is her dubbed voice. Her voice is very familiar with audience so it looks weird to watch her talking in some other voice. Shataf Figar is a talented actor who has been wasted here in a half baked character who adds nothing to the main story. Among the others the child actors in the orphanage has done good job.

Raja Narayan Deb’s songs are not popular but sounds good in background. Manas Ganguly has done good job with his camera specially with the shots showing the natural beauty of the hills and forests of North Bengal.

Overall it a fresh concept with a good message. Some people may or may not be convinced with the scientific explanation but no one can deny the importance of the message. Watch the film and learn something which we already know just need to get reminded once again. When “I” is replaced with “We”, Illness becomes Wellness.


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