Review of “Drishtikone” – A mature love story blended well with a murder mystery

Director – Kaushik Ganguly

Cast – Prosenjit Chatterjee, Rituparna Sengupta, Kaushik Ganguly, Churni Ganguly, Soham Majumdar

Overall Rating – 4.5/5

A love triangle revolving around an extra marital affair and a murder mystery both are too different subjects as chalk and cheese. It is not an easy task to blend these two in one story but in Drishtikone director Kaushik Ganguly has done this task effortlessly creating a rare genre of movie which can be called a romantic thriller.

Shrimati Sen (Rituparna Sengupta) hires a lawyer Jiyon Mitra (Prosenjit Chatterjee) to investigate the case of her husband’s death. Her husband Palash Sen ( Koushik Sen) died in a car accident two years back but Shrimati is not convinced that it was an accident. She thinks her husband was murdered as he was getting some threats before his death. While doing his investigation Jiyon finds there are several undisclosed facts about that incident. One prime witness is Palash’s elder brother Pritam Sen (Kaushik Ganguly). Pritam was also there in the car during the accident, though he survived but became paralysed with lower part of his body. Pritam definitely knows lot more than he answers. At the same time during this case proceddings Shrimati comes too close to Jiyon and his family which includes Jiyon’s wfe Rumki (Churni Ganguly) and his two kids. Even she accompanied the family in their holiday trip to Puri. The relationship between Jiyon and Shrimatti which had started just as cordial relationship between laywer and client, gradually  becomes much more than just friendship. Obviously it affects Rumki as she takes it as a threat to her married life and family. Both this murder mystery and extera marital love story goes in parallel making space for each other and ends in a shocking twist.

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Kaushik Ganguly always do magic with his scripts and Drishtikone is not an exception. The way he has shown the bonding between Jiyon and Shrimati growing up gradually looks very convincing. Although on Shrimati’s part it looks that she is overdoing it by throwing herself to the family but soon the script reveals her reasons for that. Kaushik ganguly has written the characters so well that it never justifies anyone as wrong or right. The love story has been handled very maturely till the end. At the same time equal importance has been given to the murder mystery too. Surprising twists keep coming in between and the climax of the mystery is really far away from anyone’s guess. Drishtikone means persepective of seeing some person or incident which may change with situation and time, it has been established in the story very well. Besides this the film strongly highlights the pain and problems of visually impaired people and gives strong message about the noble cause of eye donation.

All the characters have been written so well that even the supporting characters get enough chance to make their mark. Prosenjit Chatterjee is once again in brilliant form. There is nothing new left to tell about his acting capabilities. It is a pleasure to watch him on screen giving life to a character. This character was definitely challenging for him as he has to play a partially bilnd person with vision in one eye only and he has did it wonderfully. He is magical in every scene, specially watch him in the scene where he is supposed to shoot for a documentary film. His expressions are bang on as if he is a lawyer who is facing camera for first time with hesitaion. Rituparna Sengupta has carried away this complex character of a young widow perfectly. She has looked gorgeous and acted really well. Together Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupata shares a magical chemistry. Probably this film is the best film in long time to showcase their chemistry. Besides them there is the third angle of the love triangle Rumki played by Churni Ganguly. Here she has played a completely different character as we see her normally. Her look is also different. She has played a housewife who want to save her marriage and family at any cost. Churni is a very talented actress for her the length of the character does not matter. She is impressive in her lesser screen time. When Kaushik Ganguly acts in his film it always becomes difficult to understand if he is a better director or a better actor. He has taken his character Pritam to anothe rlevel which only he can do with his sheer brilliance as an actor. Apart from them , Dolon Roy is good as the caretaker of Pritam Sen. Soham Majumdar has made a confident debut as Jiyon’s assitant Avik. He has manged to make his own mark in spite of the gathering of hugely talented actors around him. Koushik Sen is good in a guest appearance.

Music has played an important part in the film. Anupam Roy is in very good form with all the songs being wonderful. The songs has been used cleverly in the narrative in background. The songs are very much situational and goes in sync with the mindset of the characters.

On a whole Drishtikone is a wonderful film , a matured love story blended well with a gripping murder mystery. Watch it to see the brilliant story telling of Kaushik Ganguly and experience the magical performances of the lead cast.

Drishtikone Rating

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